Monday, September 14, 2020

"Stalin Died and I Was Set Free"


I was arrested in April 1952 for alleged sabotage. My war-time WRN membership didn't help. [The WRN was part of Poland's anti-Nazi resistance.]

I was sent to prison on Rakowiecka Street.


The 10th Pavilion was supposedly the worst of all prison buildings there. I was placed in cell number 13. It was about 7' x 10' with six other inmates. One bed plus six straw matrasses and a toilet bowl serving also as a lavatory.


The whole cell was painted black, including the cement floor, and had one tiny window through which you couldn't see anything. The food was delivered three times a day by a couple of inmates (former Nazis).


I was in investigated day and night (usually several times a night). No physical torture but enough of psychological torture.


The investigation stopped after three or four months and I was transferred to a much bigger cell with thirty people in it. Stalin and Beria died (or were killed) in the meantime, which possibly helped, because soon thereafter there was a process during which the accusations were dropped and I and 10 other "co-conspirators" were set free. I was called to the office of Warsaw Polytechnic's Security Police Office where they reminded me that I'm not allowed to talk to anyone about my prison experience.


Tue, 26 Feb 2002

Roman Solecki

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