Tuesday, October 24, 2023

UC Davis African American Studies Professor Jemma Decristo Threatens Jews and Their Children


To folks (Jan) who will say, "What does this have to do with Bieganski the Brute Polak Stereotype"? I can only reply. Read the book. Thank you. 

There are many subgroups in America. Religious, racial, ethnic. You can't talk about how Poles and other Bohunks are stereotyped in America without also talking about how other groups are talked about. African Americans are a major subgroup. Compare how anti-Semitism among blacks is talked about with how anti-Semitism among Poles or other Slavs is talked about. If a Polish Catholic posted this threat, it would make headlines around the world. I learned about African American studies professor Jemma Decristo's threat only by chance. It is not making headline news at all. 

Monday, October 23, 2023

"The End of Jewish Life in Western Europe"


What Is the Reaction in Poland to the October 7, 2023 Pogrom in Israel? A Norwegian Medical Student Misrepresents Poland (Allegedly)


I've been wondering what the reaction is in Poland to the pogrom in Israel on October 7, 2023. Arab Muslims murdered and tortured more Jewish civilians in one day than anyone else since the Holocaust. 

How have Poles and Polish American responded? 

I don't know. I have not seen polls. 

The above photos appeared on the web. One site claims that the woman is a Norwegian medical student named Marie Andersen. 

Sunday, October 15, 2023

The Polish Election: My Thoughts



My thoughts about the Polish election. 

I have no thoughts to share publicly. 

Of course I have thoughts, but this blog is not the place for those thoughts. 

This blog is dedicated to coverage of Bieganski, the Brute Polak stereotype. This blog, like my book of the same title, covers stereotypes of Poles and other Bohunks as they appear in Western culture. 

The election per se has little to do with that. How the election is covered in the press does have something to do with that. When I have time, I address how Poland is often depicted as a backward country of wicked Catholics who aren't ready for the 21st century. In contrast to Poland, there is the modern Western left, with its salvific Christophobia and contempt for anyone who isn't a Woke millennial.  

I haven't had time for that lately and so I haven't been posting that, but if you read the book and the blog and apply the templates therein to current events, you will get the idea. 

I'm an American. I live in America. I speak English. During our last presidential election, I found both candidates so inexcusable that I threw my vote away and voted for someone who could never win. It was a protest vote. If Trump and Biden are the candidates in 2024, and I hope that they are not, I do not know what I will do. I think they both are unworthy of the presidency. 

My thoughts about Trump and Biden extend to the wider right and left as they exist today. I think they both are so flawed as to be unworthy of a good person's vote. 

For myself, I believe that the best route is to support institutions that advance causes I care about I donate to those causes. 

Hoping for the best for Poland and the world, and whatever that best is, it's not going to come from the current political left or the political right. It's going to come from good people doing good things, which all of us can choose to do and be every day. 

Sunday, October 8, 2023

May God Grant Israel a Rapid and Complete Victory, Security, and Peace

The Nazis carried out the Holocaust, largely, in Nazi-occupied Poland. Auschwitz, Birkenau, Treblinka, Majdanek, Belzec, Chlemno, Sobibor, The Warsaw and Lodz Ghettos were all in Nazi-occupied Poland.

 "The German Nazis deported to Auschwitz at least 1.3 million people of more than 20 nationalities. Of that amount, 400 thousand were registered and incarcerated in the concentration camp as prisoners while 900 thousand were murdered in the gas chambers on arrival. Jews constituted 85% of all deportees and 90% of those who were murdered." source


Poland did not do this; Nazi Germany did this. But this happened on Polish soil.


We Poles and Polonians can respond to this heavy burden of history by doing whatever we can to resist genocidal murderers, especially genocidal murderers of Jews.


As an American, I support my country's significant support of Israel. I vote for candidates who support Israel. I reject isolationists.


As an individual, I have little power. I can use my pip-squeak voice to speak big truths.


There is a right side and a wrong side when it comes to conflict between Israel and Arab Muslims. Israel is the right side. Arab Muslims who attack Israel, and who commit the atrocities we see now, are on the wrong side.


Please note that your news sources may not be covering the atrocities Arab Muslims are committing. Please do some research and discover what's really going on. This is a war carried out through the torture, murder, and desecration of the elderly, women, and children.


Israel has a right to exist. See my piece "Coming Out as Pro-Israel on Faceook" here.


Israel's Arab Muslim opponents are not reasonable people seeking solutions to limited points of contention. They are genocidal and they are profoundly anti-Semitic. The Hamas Covenant calls for the "obliteration" of Israel and for Islam to dominate the world. See here.


It is not anti-Arab or anti-Muslim to state these basic facts. It is anti-Arab and anti-Muslim to avoid these basic facts. Israel is not a serious threat to Muslims or to Arabs. See for example this chart Muslims nations pose a far greater threat to their neighbors and to their own populations than Israel poses to them. Iran and Iraq, Civil War in Yemen and Syria, genocide in Darfur, have all taken far more Arab Muslim lives than Israel has in defending herself.


There are more Muslims and / or Arabs on the street today celebrating the attack on Israel than took to the streets to protest the allegedly genocidal actions of China against Uighurs.


Why? Because attacks on Israel are not about Arab rights or Muslim rights. They are about genocidal anti-Semitism.


For all these reasons this Polish American and all decent people worldwide hope and pray for a rapid and complete victory for Israel, and security and peace for Israel.


Am Yisrael Chai!