Sunday, June 28, 2020

BLM Desecrates Memorial to Poles Who Fought and Died to Defeat Nazism.


"The First Polish Armoured Division under the command of General Stanisław Maczek took part in the Allied invasion of Normandy and played a pivotal role in the battle of Falaise, circling the German Seventh (Wehrmacht) Army and the Fifth Panzer Army. Later, its victorious battle route led through France, Belgium and the Netherlands, and ended with the capture of the German town of Wilhelmshaven on May 5, 1945. The division was honoured with the highest distinction of the Netherlands, namely the Military William Order." Source

Polish soldiers fought and died to liberate the world from Nazism. 

In 2020, BLM desecrated their memory by pouring red paint on a mosaic to the Black Madonna of Czestochowa. 

Recognize BLM for what it is, and recognize those who support BLM for who and what they are. 

Tuesday, June 23, 2020

Politically Correct Prejudice Against Ukrainians

This article appeared in 2012. I forget if I blogged about it then. 

Brendan O'Neill basically recapitulates many of the main points of Bieganski, the Brute Polak Stereotype

Slavs are low class whites, and it is okay for anyone, right or left, to mock Slavs and other EE, like Lithuanians and Hungarians. 

"Are Ukrainians Still Untermenschen?" by Brendan O'Neill, Spiked. 

Excerpt below. Full text at the link above. 

Once, it was the ideology of racism that depicted the Slavs as an inferior people. Now the ideology of ‘anti-racism’ does the same thing.

In the run-up to the Euro 2012 football championships, which are taking place in Ukraine and Poland this month, we Western Europeans have been bombarded with media stories about how uncultured and uncouth Ukrainians in particular are. In that strange Eastern land, ‘notorious for its extremist yobs’, stupid racial thinking is ‘socially endemic’, we are told, which isn’t surprising considering that, in the words of one British academic, Ukraine lacks the ‘cosmopolitan atmospheres’ of Western Europe. Something fantastically ironic is taking place here: under the banner of ‘anti-racism’, the presumed cultural superiority of Western Europe over backward, brutal Slavs is being loudly asserted, just as the racial superiority of Western Europe was asserted over the Slavs in the past.

For the past two weeks, you couldn’t open a British newspaper or switch on the radio without reading/hearing titillating tales about what a peculiar and prejudiced people the Ukrainians are. Virtually every tabloid has sent a reporter to that wild Eastern land, where they have encountered weird men in forests being ‘drilled in unarmed combat, knife-fighting and use of rifles and pistols’ so that they can ‘wreak havoc’ during Euro 2012. Under the headline ‘Anarchy in the Ukraine’, the Sun, putting on its best Victorian colonialist voice, told us it had found numerous ‘thugs’ amid the ‘ruined buildings and weed-covered parade grounds’ of Ukraine, who are putting the finishing touches to their plans to ‘fight our fans’.

Sunday, June 7, 2020

George Floyd as a Palestinian Underlines Anti-Western Civ Thrust of Movement

"The very term 'Western Civilization' is racist," one of my bosses on a university campus said to me.

It's a safe  bet that he was teaching that to his students, in lieu of substantive subject matter, like, oh, say skills and information, and that his students received good grades and letters of recommendation only once they regurgitated anti-Western-Civ agitprop. 

There are no statistics to support the assertion that white police officers are disproportionately killing black men. See the scholars who study this matter, cited in my lengthy, previously posted, article. 

The killing of George Floyd was wrong. Everyone, from every spectrum of opinion, says so. The responsible officers were fired and arrested immediately, and their lives are pretty much over. 

Numerous black and white people have been killed in subsequent rioting, including Officer David Dorn, murdered by looters. No one on Team Riot is mourning or even mentioning Dorn. His black life does not matter to them. 

No, this is not about a need for police reform or systemic racism. 

The message is: whites, all whites, from Minneapolis, which is now a smoking ruin, to Poznan,  are racist and riding on unearned "white privilege." Whites must kneel and apologize.

Non-whites, all non-whites, everywhere, are united in blissful release from bondage to evil whites. George Floyd has everything in common with Muslim Arabs living in Israel. 

Mona Eltahawy has written about Muslim Arab racism against blacks.

And non-whites are suffering disproportionately from the current rioting and looting meant to punish whitey. See the Wall Street Journal article, "Who the Looting Ruins."

That I bring up facts that run counter to the power narrative makes me just another white racist who needs to shut up and kneel.

Saturday, June 6, 2020

Poles Kneel for George Floyd; Kosciuszko Monument in Warsaw Defaced -- Report

Source: Dawid Stys 
Poles kneel and lie down in memory of George Floyd. 

The Kosciuszko Monument in Warsaw has been defaced in memory of George Floyd.

About kneeling. A self-identified troll walked up to white women in America and asked them to kneel in memory of "George Foreman." And they did. He posted the video on YouTube. 

And a black man insisted that all this kneeling is disgusting.

Friday, June 5, 2020

"Poles Are Worse than Nazis" Polish Jew Responds

Thanks to Jerzy for alerting me to this exchange, which you can read on twitter here

Gay Couple Distributes Free Rainbow Face Masks in Poland

An adorable story. A gay Polish couple distributes free rainbow face masks in Poland. We all need  an upbeat story these days, and these two have provided it. You can read about them here

You can watch here:

Thursday, June 4, 2020

An Orgy of Hate

The riots and looting in the US included vandalism directed at Jewish synagogues and grocery stores, and the Kosciuszko monument in DC. Those fomenting the riots engaged  in class-based contempt for poor whites. I include this essay for that reason. 

On May 25, 2020, white police officer Derek Chauvin was video-recorded while arresting African American man George Floyd in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Mahmod Abumayaleh, owner of the Cup Foods delicatessen, reported that Floyd had paid his delicatessen bill with a counterfeit twenty. "It was an obvious fake. The ink was still running," reported one observer.

In a video, Floyd is handcuffed and face down on the road. Chauvin kneels on Floyd's neck for several minutes, including almost three minutes after Floyd apparently lost consciousness. The three other arresting officers were Thomas K. Lane, Tou Thao, and J. Alexander Kueng. Kueng held Floyd's back. Lane held his legs. Thao looked on. Kueng and Thao appear to be Asian-American. The police summoned an ambulance, and an unresponsive Floyd was taken to a hospital, where he was pronounced dead.

The four officers were fired the next day. Chauvin was charged with third degree manslaughter and murder on May 29. The other officers will probably be charged as well. Once protests broke out, police officers in many locations participated in protests against excessive use of force by police.

American call-in shows, comment sites, and politicians' comments, on the left and the right, rang with condemnation. David Donovan's Facebook page was typical. Donovan, and many of his Facebook friends, are former Marines and law enforcement officers. He posted, "As a United States Marine and former sheriff's deputy, it has given me great hope to see so many of my friends from both the military and LEO communities stand firm in their condemnation of the murder of George Floyd. Our job is to protect folks. Once a suspect is in custody, his safety and well-being become our job. We have voiced rapid, unanimous condemnation of this terrible act."

Many conservatives, including Senator Ted Cruz, Jeanine Pirro, and Rush Limbaugh condemned Chauvin's actions. Mark Levin, a Reagan-administration veteran, bestselling author and talk show host, called the killing "murder." On May 28, 2020, notoriously tough-on-crime former NYC Mayor Rudy Giuliani and former Police Commissioner Bernard Kerik condemned Chauvin's actions on WABC, a right-wing radio talk station, one of the nation's oldest and largest.

That Americans across the board condemned Chauvin, wanted to see him tried, and called for change meant nothing to thousands of agitators. Floyd's death was followed by days of violent, deadly rioting and looting, in the US and abroad.

Monday, June 1, 2020

Rioters Attack Synagogues

"F--- Israel" and "Free Palestine" graffiti sprayed and synagogue window smashed on east coast and west

Stories here and here

Rioters Attack Tadeusz Kosciuszko Monument in Washington, DC

Full story here

I posted this on Facebook: 

Tadeusz Kosciuszko was born in a colonized nation, Poland, he fought to liberate. He also fought for America's freedom, and he tried to convince Jefferson that slavery was a bad idea. He emancipated his own peasants, held under the slavery-like yoke of serfdom, and left money in his will to liberate American slaves. Rioters defaced his statue in Washington, DC.

Rich White Liberals, do you wonder why I despise your ideology so thoroughly? Because you provide the ideology for people who destroy monuments to freedom fighters. You are proud of that. When confronted, you silence me by raging that I can know nothing, because I have "white privilege."

No matter the color of the hand throwing the rock, or wielding the spray paint can, it is you rich white liberals who write the ideology behind these riots, and other destructive activity like them. You destroy blacks and whites alike, and you insist on your own virtue.