Friday, July 26, 2019

Polish Court Bans Anti-Gay Sticker from Sale: BBC


The BBC reports that a Polish court has banned sale of Gazeta Polska's anti-gay stickers. See full story here

In related news, 4,000 homophobic thugs threw rocks, bottles, and fireworks at 1,000 peaceful gay rights marchers in Bialystok. See more here

Homophobic thugs will be exploited by those who support Bieganski, the Brute Polak stereotype. 

If I were in Poland, I would have been honored to march in Bialystok's gay pride parade. My family came from the Bialystok area. 

Gay people are just like straight people -- with one difference -- they are gay. Ignorant and fearful people hate and persecute gay people. A civilized and truly Christian society does not allow such persecution. 

Monday, July 22, 2019

Polish Scholar Banned at Middlebury College

Polish scholar Ryszard Legutko was banned from a previously scheduled talk at Middlebury College. Students felt he was too right wing to be allowed on campus. Legutko wrote about the ban in an article in First Things. 

Quotes from the article:

"Both communism and liberal democracy aim to politicize the whole of society, interpreting every aspect of social life—culture, art, intellectual pursuits, religion, family (and in liberal democracy, even sex and toilets)—in light of a power struggle, and insisting that the struggle be resolved in accordance with one political ideology. In the communist system, everything had to be communist; in a liberal democracy, everything has to be liberal and democratic."

"The communist system generated thoughtcrimes, but liberal ­democracy has generated far more, and it generates still more every year. The result is that the space in which the human mind may safely roam gets smaller and smaller. One is constantly in danger of crossing the red line. More and more topics are dangerous territory. A reflection, an insight, a clarification, or an argument may be taken for a criticism—which is not allowed."

"the aim of this language is to reverse the meanings of words. “Marginalized people” are not people who are marginalized, but people who set the college’s agenda and can get away with just about anything, including physically assaulting their professors. “Respectful and non-disruptive counter-space” means subjecting a lecturer to insults and humiliations. “Inclusivity” is the systemic censuring of people and ideas."

You can, and should, read the entire article here