Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Thursday, July 10, 2014


From Facebook
Facebook friend Tobi Ogir writes:

"To help you to understand the cynically German "soccer soul", with an example related to your Polish roots: in the German team there is a player called Miroslav Klose, born in Opole, near Wroclaw. If he goals, than he is "Our Upper Silesian boy" – but if he plays badly, the crowd bawls "Coach, take the f*ckin' Polack out of the game!"

Disgusting, absolutely disgusting!"

Tobi sent this, as well:

He offers this comment:

"What would our team be, without our upper Silesian Klose!!!"
Erika Steinbach is a right wing politician, which wants all the territories back, which the allies gave Poland! A reactionary, constant complainer!
The archenemy of Bartoszewski over decades