Sunday, September 10, 2017

Pro-Jihad Forces Deface Sobieski Monument

Why did Osama bin Laden choose September 11? 

On September 11-12 in 1683, jihad's one-thousand-year advance stopped. After that, Islam began to contract. 

It's possible that OBL chose 9/11 as a way of saying, "Guess what. Islam is advancing again." 

September 11-12, 1683, Jan Sobieski of Poland, united with other forces, defeated the Turks at the Battle of Vienna. 

Pro-jihad forces have vandalized a monument to Jan Sobieski. I googled it and found the news stories linked below. I don't know how reliable they are. 

This news sources say that the pro-jihad forces spray-painted the Sobieski monument with the word "Nazi." So, Polish Catholic Jan Sobieski, who fought in 1683, is, in the mind of the pro-jihadi, a "Nazi." 

It always astounds me when I witness my fellow, beloved Polonians cheering for Team Anti-Western-Civilization. 

Their ancestors have been fighting and sacrificing *for* Western Civilization for hundreds of years.  And now, some Polonians sound just like clueless rich, white liberals. "America is the world epicenter of hate and racism! Islam means peace! Antifa is adorable!" 

One can only shake one's head.

Thanks to Chris Helinsky for this news. 

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Wednesday, September 6, 2017

Vatican Attack on Americans

Post on my other blog about a recent Vatican attack on American Christians. You can read it here