Monday, March 21, 2022

"War in Ukraine Prompts a Political Makeover in Poland": New York Times


Full article is here. Please read and comment. Thank you. 


  1. I have not finished the reading. It is the EU who needs basic reconstruction, not only a makeover. President Biden accepted the NS2 pipeline in October 2021. He believed that Germany was his ally in Europe. But Kaczynski was right, the cooperation with Russia was evil. The TVN has a number of legal issues. It is funny, when the same people demand rules of law in Poland and accept breaking laws by TVN.

  2. From Sue Knight:

    The article notes how this tragic Russian invasion of the Ukraine is changing politics, changing political alliances - as I am sure it is. The tone is far from kind, but is politics a kind business? And I also note that while It does acknowledge Poland's nationwide support for its fleeing neighbours, of course it has to add that previously it was brutally "beating back" migrants. And the writer also takes care to mention some "hard line anti-immigration Poles". However, I would say its tone is par for the political course - no more, no less.

    For me this article reminds me what a strange frightening swirl of politics there is around the tragedy presently taking place in the Ukraine.

    When Russia, under Stalin, brutally occupied the Ukraine, weren't the Movers and Shakers all for it? (I mean all for it as a class - I am sure there were honourable exceptions.). An obvious example is that much lauded and awarded columnist Walter Duranty.

    "Describing the Communist plan to "liquidate" the five million kulaks, relatively well-off farmers opposed to the Soviet collectivization of agriculture, Duranty wrote in 1931, for example: "Must all of them and their families be physically abolished? Of course not - they must be "liquidated" of melted in the hot fire of exile and labor into the proletarian mass."

    Could that be summed up in the phrase "Arbeit mach frei"? Only we know where that led.

    Maybe Walter Duranty was truly fooled by Stalin. But even so, I wonder if he would have liked himself and his family to be liquidated or melted in the hot fire of exile and labor into the proletarian mass - all in the cause of some mad political "ism"? Or not? At any rate, millions of Ukrainians, men, women and children, were ""liquidated" into an early grave. Didn't Stalin himself put the number killed at 10,000,000? But who knows for sure? Only the Creator of life, the God of Abraham, knows. He reads every heart, he knows every star, and he notes the fall of even the tiniest sparrow.

    However, this time, there is a sea change. The Movers and Shakers, as a class, are actually on the side of the Ukraine. So yes the political currents swirl and change and who knows where they will go next? Not me, for sure. And maybe not the writer of this article either.

    But what I do like about it is that it acknowledges the empathy and fellow feeling Poles have for their Ukrainian neighbours. Both peoples have been through so much suffering at the hands of Hitler and Stalin, and it is lovely to see that drawing the two peoples together. And long may it last. But doesn't the world work to divide us, the damaged children of Adam from each other, so we have to struggle to remember that we are all brothers and sisters and to treat each other accordingly?

    We need help, lots of it, from out Creator. And he offers that help freely to all.

    To summarise: I don't see as an anti-Polish article - in fact I think there are some real positives in it.

  3. CNN, this time probably good about Polish people.

  4.[0]=18743&tl_period_type=3&mc_cid=a724661732&mc_eid=0d025af063 Zelensky (Jewish) is wrong. Lahav Harkov is the unfamous author of "Polish death camps".

  5. - Sean Penn starts a charity in Krakow.

  6. Hello,

    Today in Poland we celebrate the Polish National Day of Remembrance of Poles Rescuing Jews under German occupation. On this day 1944, the Germans murdered the heroic Ulma family from Podkarpacie along with the Jews from the Goldman, Didner and Gruenfeld families they had been hiding.,860,0,0,0.jpg

  7. Ill paciiifism Dave DeCamp supports anyone, who opoosed the USA, including Russia. He is happy that Madeleine Albright has died, beacuse she is responsible fro the alleged death of 500 000 Iraqi children. Dave does not inform about Ukrainian children dying now.

  8. Is Arkin human?

  9. "Russia is causing less damage and killing fewer civilians than it could" - right, good Russia has not use nuclear arms yet. Russia allegedly liberates people opressed by Nazi dictatorship. Killing the victims of the (democratically elected) dictator would be countereffective.

  10. Poland was a pariah? In US minds.


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