Monday, March 7, 2022

Sixty Minutes Praises Poland's Incredible Hospitality to Ukrainian Refugees

 Sixty Minutes praises Poland for its incredible hospitality to Ukrainian refugees. 
There have been anecdotes  of Poles behaving racistly towards non-Ukrainians fleeing Ukraine, that is Nigerians and Indians. I have no way of knowing, and neither do you, how many such incidents have occurred. The crush of humanity is overwhelming. The city taking in Ukrainian refugees featured in this video is actually smaller, in population, than the number of refugees. 
In any case, this video shows Indians getting off a train and no one mistreating them. It also shows an Iraqi man, obviously not Ukrainian in appearance, praising the Poles' incredibly hospitality.


  1. Sławków is a 7000 town. It is a terminal of a broad-gauge rail. As far as I know the Ukrainians travel further, to Upper Silesia or Kielce region, they do not stay there.

  2. There are problems at Warsaw, where too many Ukrainians prefer to stay. The Centralny railway station is overcrowded, there are also problems in Torwar arena. Warsaw has more refugeees than several Western countries together. Only Hungary accepts more than 100 000, but mostly ethnic Ukrainians.

    1. Should be 'ethnic Hungarians'

  3. The 7 years old girl speaks Russian. She lived 6 days in the shelter, now she is in Poland.

  4. Mosbacher: Poland deserves an apology from the EU and the USA

  5. I work in IT in a major city, and we have some Indians on location. Of course, these are just my words, but Poles in our organization welcome hard-working people, who respect our laws and culture. Indians are such people, and thanks to my work I managed to find Indian friends who broadened my knowledge about Indian/Asian matters and culture.

    It's not about the skin colour, it's about the desire to work and build our country together. As you wrote in the woke vs. Ukraine post - we have seen the wave to Germany, and what it caused. We see France slowly turning into a caliphate. And liberal/woke outlets justifying all sorts of horrible, illogical things.

    That is where the "racism" towards economic migrants from Africa, or Middle East comes from (and by the way, I know also legal Nigerian migrants in Wielkopolska, who took the effort to enter legally and now work here).


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