Friday, March 25, 2022

New York Times' Andrew Higgins Depicts Poland as "Fringe," Conceited, and "Europe's Inveterate Troublemaker" in a Spiteful Article


The New York Times' Andrew Higgins depicts Poland as a "fringe" country, "Europe's inveterate troublemaker," "Europe's great disrupter," "a disruptive force obsessed with stoking culture wars and hostility to foreigners," and a childish, conceited nation that is helping Ukrainian refugees merely to gain fame and praise. Poland "is basking in the glow of appreciative attention." 

"Poland’s deputy culture minister, Jaroslaw Sellin, a conservative firebrand who previously relished his country’s role as Europe’s great disrupter, has found a new cause celebrating Poland’s favor at the center of attention. “Everyone watches us with admiration,” he told Radio Gdansk on Tuesday."

See full article here

Some readers did object to the article. See images, below. 

I submitted the comment below. I don't think the Times will publish it 


  1. Still the same left-wing conniption about Poland not obediently falling in line with the liberal and secularist demands of the European Union.

  2. The 'proudly illiberal prime minister, Viktor Orban' (Hungary) was an important EPP politician, who supported German policy in the EU. Now the EPP supporta a union including Nazis (Jobbik) and Communists.

  3. A comment 'the right, fascist and Putin leaning Government' - no true word here. The government of Poland is de facto socialist and the most hated by Putin. Kaczynski's twin brother died in Russia 2010, in a mysterious air crash. The government is conservative, like the majority of Polish people, but never radical, like millions of US people are.

  4. Dear Mrs. Goska, I was not aware how to contact you, hence I am using this comment as a way to share news: CNN used the term "Polish camps" in a piece about Jewish families helping out Ukrainians. - a brilliant response by Polish Ambassador in the US

    Take care,
    Jacek Nowak

    1. are you on Facebook? Facebook messenger is one option, but this is also good. Thank you


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