Wednesday, April 24, 2019

Washington Post: Small Polish Village Catholics are Single Handedly Responsible for All Anti-Semitism

The Washington Post covered the Pruchnik beating Judas custom as a manifestation of violent anti-Semitism and Catholicism that is responsible for the Holocaust. "Anti-Semitic attacks on the rise across Europe," the Post reported. The Post did not mention that those carrying out these increasing attacks are largely Muslims. 

"The Catholic Church taught for much of the past century that the death of Jesus was to be blamed on Jews,World War II and the Holocaust triggered a rethink." 

I was never taught that Jews were responsible for Jesus' death. The Council of Trent denounced the deicide accusation against Jews in the sixteenth century. Yes, some Catholics did believe in the deicide charge. But that's not what the Washington Post says. The Washington Post links Polish villagers, Catholic belief, and the Holocaust. Nazis would appreciate this deeply. 

The author of the Washington Post account is Rick Noack. Noack is responsible for an article that prompted widespread outrage. After Christians celebrating Easter were massacred in a Sri Lanka jihad attack, Noack wrote, "Christianity under attack? Sri Lanka church bombings stoke far-right anger in the West." In other words, Noack's concern was not with murdered Christians, rather, his concern was that "far right" people in the West would use this massacre to talk about being persecuted. Noack was raked over the coals for that piece. His singling out of Polish villagers was not controversial. 

You can read the Washington Post account of Pruchnik here


  1. Though I left the Catholic Church in my early twenties - eons ago - which I would not have done if I had been happy with it - I too was never taught that "the Jews killed Jesus".

    Jews didn't feature at all really - being part of the amorphous mass of "non-Catholics". I remember that our town's small Jewish population tended to send their daughters to our Catholic Convent school, as it was considered a safe and respectable environment for a young girl. And the Jewish girls did not come in to our religious assemblies - but then neither did the Protestant girls.

    I can't remember ever thinking about ir - or even wondering why at the time. It was certainly never remarked on.

    By the way, what a good thing this isn't happening in a small country town in Poland, or it would have hit the International Press and Virtual Space by now - and any number of "conferences" would be being arranged. Professor Jan Gross would be rushed off his feet.

  2. Just out of sheer curiosity is this offer Jewish by accident? He is also writing for the Jewish Review. His lack of empathy for other people (besides Jewish people as it seems to me) is really really disturbing.


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