Tuesday, April 23, 2019

Pruchnik Proves that Polish Catholics are Responsible for The Holocaust: BBC

The BBC is now covering the Pruchnik "beating Judas" custom that took place on Monday. The BBC implies that the Pruchnik custom is responsible for the Holocaust. Please note the word "Holocaust" above the image of the Polish girl beating the effigy. 

The BBC also implies that Poles are in denial about their murder of Jews: "Last year a diplomatic row erupted between Israel and Poland after the conservative Polish government made it an offence to allege that the Polish nation was complicit in Nazi crimes. US officials also criticised the new law."

In none of this news coverage have I seen anyone actually travel to Pruchnik and ask the participants themselves what they were doing, thinking, or whether they plan to murder Jews. No. Their social betters are telling the world what they are: anti-Semitic mass murderers. And maybe they are. But no one has traveled there to interview them. 

Polonia, shame on you for not addressing the Brute Polak stereotype and for not educating the public about what really caused the Holocaust. Start here 

More coverage of Pruchnik here and here


  1. actually travel to Pruchnik

    Dear Danusha- I guess you are aware of the German "journalist" Relotius. I had received for prices for reporting on pro Trump gun loving dumb American rednecks. No one was checking his claims- because why? He was writing what everyone "already knew".

    It's the same thing here why bother talking to them? This could turn out to be bothersome and destroy the horrible image they want to paint.
    of course great britain is a beautiful country were nothing bad ever happens no terrorist attacks, no acid attacks on women no muslim grooming gangs ect. Also used are extremely safe there -irony off-

    1. Absolutely Hanna - and we didn't used to burn Guy Fawkes on our bonfires every November... which does not go to show that us Brits are all rabid anti-Catholics... well, no wait just a minute we did. And it was originally strongly associated with anti-Catolicism.

      We even had a "guy" on our family bonfire, and we are Catholics - or we were then.

      It is not done now. We have all perhaps come to think about what that guy meant - and stopped doing it.

      But would it matter - politically speaking - if we were still burning Guys? Isn't anti-Catholicism politically correct?

      And likewise, if the people of Pruchnik stopped doing this effigy burning (which I hope they will), or if they had never done it in the first place, wouldn't they still all be "evil Nazis", under the Mother's Milk rule.

      But I am assuming this furore is all part of the loud chorus of FOUR LEGS GOOD TWO LEGS BAD that is resounding in the wake of the Polish government's having installed an Anti-Defamation law of its own.

      And I guess it won't stop until the law is repealed. So brace yourself for more of this.

      And I mean brace yourself in the spiritual sense. Psalm 37 is an excellent corrective - it contains perfect advice as to how to deal with this without letting it shape us. And it assures us of the coming rescue.


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