Sunday, April 7, 2019

Poland's Populists Targeting Gay People


"Poland’s ruling party plays the LGBTQ card. Attacking gay rights could cement right-wing support while splitting the opposition." See here 

"Poland’s Populists Pick a New Top Enemy: Gay People" see here.

FYI: I support the fully humanity of homosexuals and I will not post, and don't want to receive, homophobic comments in the comments section. Thank you in advance. 


  1. Cant say this surprises me. The easiest way to unite people is to pit them against a common enemy.

  2. Part of the problem is that gender ideology has been sneaked into the Polish classroom, especially in some of the bigger cities, without the knowledge or consent of the parents. (In some US states, parents cannot even opt their children out.)

  3. I'm sorry , people do not know the details of their intentions,
    The ruling party wants parents to decide about the sexual education to have a major role. This new document does not guarantee it , and as a parent I want to know why my pre-teen child need to be thought the following:
    The “Standards for Sexuality Education in Europe” promote the following:

    "From birth to 4 years of age:

    - Informing children about the “enjoyment and pleasure when touching one’s own body, early childhood masturbation”.


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