Monday, April 8, 2019

Casimir Pulaski was Intersex: Reports

Casimir Pulaski was intersex, new reports say. See here and here


  1. I'm happy to post dissenting comments that are supported with facts. The above-linked articles do support their assertion with facts from the exhumation of Pulaski's corpse, and DNA analysis.

  2. The BBC article to which you link has this title: "Casimir Pulaski may have been woman or intersex, study says". Notice MAY HAVE. They do not sound convinced themselves.

    I took anthropology, and a gracile female-looking skeleton with a wide hip can belong to a 100% male.

    Years ago, we used to see all kinds of news stories about such-and-such a historical figure being possibly gay, and now we are seeing the same about being possibly transgender.

  3. "I took anthropology"

    One course does not qualify anyone to comment authoritatively on a skeleton.

  4. The Polonia Center recently made this statement about the conjectural and ideology-driven claim that Pulaski was intersex:

    1. How do you know that the report was ideology driven? What I read was based on scientific analysis of a skeleton. That's science, not ideology.

  5. The report plainly states that that the skeleton "may have" been female. That's ideology, not science.


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