Tuesday, November 28, 2017

Anti-Semitic Pole Bans Jews from His Guesthouse

Piotr Rybak has hung a sign outside his guesthouse in Poland saying that entry is forbidden to "Jews, Commies, and all Thieves and Traitors to Poland." 

Read more about this Polish anti-Semite here: http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/2017/11/27/polish-authorities-urged-act-far-right-activist-bans-jews-guesthouse/


  1. Ah, Rafal Pankowski as some authority figure....again...

    Another red herring.

    I am much more concerned about those Polish government representatives that recently voted against Poland, in the European Union, effectively creating a modern-day Targowica.

  2. I thought that this guy was now in jail, and the banner had been taken down? That, at any rate, is what I read on the net, when I heard about this. Though the more info there is, the less one can be sure about anything it seems. So who knows?

    But if so, then Poland has the legal system to deal with this. And it has dealt with it.

    You get racists in every country. And also I do think that the decades of Communist occupation froze much of Eastern Europe in time. I say that because back in 1950s England similar signs - about the Irish and the new West Indian immigrants - sometimes appeared - quite legally then.

    But gradually laws and attitudes changed. Though, having said that, I do think that hatreds are on the rise everywhere, and the laws of men do not have the power to reach and change hearts that God's inspired word does.

    In the end, everything comes back to the urgency of the Christian preaching work. Already Jehovah is teaching millions of us - from "every tribe and tongue and nation" - to live in peace with each other, and to "study war no more".

    I hope that when the guy with the banner is let out of jail that he will talk to us the next time we call. He will learn so much, including the good news that a rescue is on the way - well under way.

  3. Hello,

    Piotr Rybak is an elder man who never got involved in any public activity in his earlier life. In Poland such people are called "men without a resume". He popped out of nowhere.
    Some Poles call him "Nikodem Dyzma of Poland's far-right movement".

    In my opinion he's a political provocateur.

    By the way, there are some Ukrainians living in his guesthouse. It seems that to Mr. Rybak pecunia non olet.

  4. So what if Piotr Rybak is an attention-seeker or even a paid agent-provocateur? We should turn this around to our advantage. What Poland's enemies try to do to Poland should be thrown right back in their faces.

    Again, do as the leftists do: Separate the message from the messenger. Let's focus on Piotr Rybak's quite-valid message:

    1). The complete lack of punishment, in Poland, for any Communist criminal.

    2). The excessive Polish-government deference to the Jewish viewpoint on Poland.

    3). The presumption of the Israeli government, in using the PEDAGOGIKA WSTYDU (dusting-off the 1930's e. g. ghetto benches), attempting to get the PiS government to shut Piotr Rybak up, thereby trying to tell Poles what they can and cannot say in the Poles' own country.

    1. This is not his message.
      His message is "Jews have taken over Poland".
      His message is "President's wife is a Jewess".
      His message is a burned effigy of a hasid.

      This man makes all Poles look bad and stupid.

    2. Lukasz I will politely disagree. I don't think that this man alone makes all Poles look bad. I think the insistence on stereotyping all Poles as Bieganski is an industry ... thus the book.

      But other Poles don't help when they attempt to trivialize men like this.

  5. A Polish anti-Semite hung a sign saying no Jews allowed in his guest house.

    Deal with it.

    1. OK, will do.

      How about a satire sticker, to be posted in Holocaust books and in Holocaust musems, saying:

      "No Poles allowed in the term Holocaust".

    2. His anti-semitism is too theatric to be real. This guy also made anti-ukrainian statements not so long ago. Now Ukrainians live in his guest house.
      He's so fake.

    3. That is an interesting point Lukasz - with so much continuing spin against Poland,is there a false flag (if that is the right term) factor here?

      Who knows?

      And IF this matter has already been dealt with by the Polish legal system under existing laws then the headline is misleading - whether deliberately misleading (spin) or not is something else I can't be sure about.

      And the problem is that when everyone of us Poles/Polonians is defined as a "fascist thug" from the cradle up - and we are all such idiots that we can't tell one religion from another - what words are there left to define this gentleman?

      They had all been used before he even put his banner up, so there is nothing I can add.

      All I can say is to repeat that I hope that one day - soon! - he will listen to the Kingdom message - and start to take on board the perfect advice in Psalm 37, which teaches how to cope in the face of all "the world" can throw at us, without letting it shape us in its image.

    4. Piotr Rybak is imprisoned. How many people are imprisoned in the USA because of their speech?

    5. He's not in prison for his speech. He's in prison for breaking house arrest terms, according to this source: http://wroclawuncut.com/2017/11/16/piotr-rybak-bound-for-prison-after-breaking-house-arrest-terms/

  6. The fact that Piotr Rybak is theatric is actually an asset. Let's look beyond his melodrama about the Jewish "invisible hand" and the crypto-Jews in government, and focus on the REAL issues raised by his provocations. (Please reread my three points posted earlier.) And let us not forget that many Ukrainians are denying the OUN-UPA genocide of Poles, and making a hero out of mass-murderer Stepan Bandera.

    This business of making Poland look bad and stupid does not wash. The leftmedia is not Poland's friend, so being nice and proper is not going to make the media like us. So we may as well included immoderate tactics as part of our repertoire. The leftmedia are the ones that have made a somebody out of nobody of Piotr Rybak--and we should make it blow up in their faces.

    Piotr Rybak is an anti-Semite. So what? How many Jews are unreconstructed Polonophobes? How often does the State of Israel censure THEM? (laugh)

  7. Hello again,

    According to data of the German Ministry of Internal Affairs 466 neo-Nazi demonstrations took place in Germany in 2016. There were also 223 neo-Nazi music concerts.

    How can you say to your brother, 'Brother, let me take the speck out of your eye,' when you yourself fail to see the plank in your own eye? You hypocrite, first take the plank out of your eye, and then you will see clearly to remove the speck from your brother's eye. (Luke, 6:42)

    1. Excellent!

      That is exactly what to do. Whenever someone throws political garbage at Poland, we scrape it off us, and throw it right back at the accuser.


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