Sunday, November 19, 2017

Tommy Robinson on Poland


  1. Some very interesting points were made in this segment.

    Robinson pointed out that the media, while accusing the March of Independence of consisting of white supremacists, fascists, and Nazis, had zeroed-in on a vanishing fraction of the marchers. Pointedly, it also had conspicuously failed to mention that most of the marchers were chanting, “We Want God!”

    Stefan Molyneux stated the obvious: The media is leftist. He reminded us that the media used to present rosy pictures of the Soviet Union in the 1930s. He also confirmed the fact that, in the U. K., Britons do not have flags at soccer games, and that this is puzzling to Poles. In other words, Britons do not have anywhere near the pride in their country that Poles do in theirs.

    Finally, Molyneux confirmed the fact that political correctness causes an erosion of free speech. As people grow increasingly reluctant to speak their minds on controversial issues, it becomes easier for the government to eventually take the rights of free speech away (just like it would not be difficult for the government to outlaw the horse and buggy, as no one uses them anymore.)

  2. Poland has to withdraw from the EU and stop pussy footing around. The idea that Poland would then be eaten up by Russia that is choking on a piece of Ukraine is absurd. Poland is already being eaten up by Russia with German complicity. Poland is a member of NATO and that is sufficient until it has its own nukes.

  3. The EU still helps smaller countries to survive. Poland was abused and exploited before it joined the EU. I would prefer economical cooperation of nations between Germany and Russia (Intermarum) but unfortunately everyone prefers to solve conflicts in Bruxelles or Berlin rather than to cooperate locally. Any nation believes to be smarter, better developed. So rather a reformed EU than loneliness.


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