Monday, November 13, 2017

Blogger: Poland is Unsafe for Non-Poles,. Muslims, and Homosexuals



A blog alleges that Poland is unsafe for non-Poles, Muslims, and homosexuals. 

Read the blog here

My thought, fwiw: the blogger is conflating many different things. Homophobia is not the same as resistance to Islamization. Beating up someone because the person is speaking German is a bad thing to do but to understand it one must understand Poland's recent history. 

Conflating hostility to homosexuals, Germans, and Muslims obscures rather than clarifies. 


  1. "Such-and-such a group feels unsafe" or its more polished version, "Such-and-such a group feels excluded"

    ---How many times have we heard that feel...feel...feel song and dance before?

    Anyone in Poland who does not like it should leave. And not let the door hit them on their way out.

    1. Hello Mr. Peczkis,

      In 2016 number of houses bought by Westerners in Poland has increased when compared to 2015.
      Mostly bought by Germans, Britts, French, Italians and Swedes. Depending on nationality, in some cases the number has increased by over 100%.

      It seems that they prefer backward Poland over multi-culti leftist paradises.
      I wonder why?
      Actually, no. I don't wonder. At all.

    2. Lukasz what is the source of your statistic?

    3. Article from polish newspaper called "Gazeta Obywatelska". Author's source was a report published by Poland's Ministry of Internal Affairs and Administration.

  2. Hello,

    I've read that blog post. And the comments below it. Kinda amusing.

    So I will start with a joke:
    In Western countries natives are afraid of immigrants, but in the glorious Republic of Poland immigrants are afraid of the natives.

    But seriously, I prefer it that way.
    I've knew people who lived through war. Fear never left them.
    They feared of aliens who came from foreign lands.
    They feared of aliens who lived among them.
    And they feared that some aliens will come again.

    About that stupid professor who got his ass kicked.
    Wrong language.
    Wrong country.
    Definitely wrong city.

  3. The buying-out of Polish property, by Western Europeans, is a separate issue from this anti-Polish blog.

    Really, however, it is not.

    The long-term agenda of the cultural Marxists, and globalists, is to dilute and eventually dismantle Poland's national-cultural heritage by bringing-in as many settlers as possible. It does not matter if these non-Poles and non-Catholics are Africans, Arab Muslims, or white, Western European secularists. The bigger than non-Polish-identifying element, the better for Poland's foes.

    The Germans pose their own additional danger. Germany already owns a large share of Poland's media, and the more of Poland Germans own, the more leverage they have over Poland.

    A still additional danger is that of irredentism, which can only increase as more and more Germans move to the Recovered territories.

    Poland must be ever vigilant as to the long-term dangers that she faces. If I were in a position of authority, I would no more let Germans move into the Recovered Territories than I would let a fox guard the chicken coop.

  4. Polish Independence Day seems to have got exactly the media coverage that I have come to expect - very much on the professorjangross spectrum.

    If all the elderly ladies in Poland got together for a knitting circle and recipe exchange Day, I am sure it would turn out that they were all Fascist Thugs baying for the blood of Bambi's mother. I could write the lurid headlines now, just in case.

    And re your post Jan, I wonder what can heal this enmity between Germany and Poland? What good has it done either side? Though actually, I don't wonder, I know that Christian teaching can and does heal all these divisions.

    Under as severe pressures as can be imagined, Christians in Germany refused to turn on their brothers and sisters, as did Christians in Poland.

    So what it comes back to is the urgent importance of the Kingdom preaching work that Jesus left for his followers to do.

    1. Hello Mrs. Knight,

      No Jews, muslims, Africans, Germans, Ukrainians, Russians, Swedes, Americans, Britts, Australians or white-tailed deers were harmed during the March of Independence.

      Over 60 thousands of Poles were participating in that event. And only few hundred radicals. But for some people we all are nationalists. Seems that we don't have the right to be patriots.

    2. Hi Lukasz - Yes. I was just saying that whatever happened at that march - had it been the march of the Ladies of Krakow Knitting Circle to the Pattern Shop it would likely have attracted the same kind of press.

      The headline would be something like: GUILLOTINE GRANNIES ON THE MARCH!!

      And there is the Boy Who Cried Wolf Factor... in that if there ever was an actual Nazi rally in Poland and it and it was reported, I would probably just yawn and think it was simply those grannies after their knitting patterns again.

      When we are all called "fascist thugs"all the time, doesn't the accusation become meaningless?

    3. Hello again,

      I understood what You meant. And I agree.
      Ethics and standards of Western journalism have hit rock buttom.

      Some data about the March:
      Participants: over 60 000
      Killed: 0
      Wounded: 0
      Burned cars: 0
      Broken windows: 0
      Robbed stores: 0
      Leftists arrested: 45

      On the same day there were also celebrations in Brussels. Link below.

      And here are the links to photos of some Polish Nazis.

    4. Thanks, Lukasz, for the photos of those naughty "Polish Nazis". Priceless!

    5. You're welcome Mr. Peczkis.

  5. We aren't fascists, or Nazis, because we are a purely Polish movement, we don't need alien models. We don't also consider ourselves as fascists or as Nazis because both of these movements have a lot of defects, even sins, with which we don't want to burden ourselves. They are not examples which we would like to imitate.
    Jan Mosdorf (1904, Warsaw- 1943, Auschwitz)

    1. A very good point.

      But remember that calling someone, that the LEWACTWO does not like, a "fascist" or "Nazi", is probably the oldest tool in the left-wing toolshed.

    2. And given what Poland has suffered at the hands of both Left and Right, I can't imagine why any one of us is keen to support either side.

  6. Have you noticed how people from English-speaking countries are not immigrants but expats? They usually integrate only among themselves, don't learn local language and pontificate how things should change to remind them more of countries they came from.

    1. I only know one Britt who lives in Poland, but if what You wrote is true, then I'm not eager to see more of them. We don't need such people here.


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