Friday, December 1, 2017

Trump Tweets "anti-Muslim" Videos from "Extremist, Right-Wing, Hate Group" and Bieganski

On Wednesday, November 29, US President Donald Trump re-tweeted three videos from Jayda Fransen of Britain First. The first video depicts a Muslim teen beating up on a non-Muslim Dutch teen using crutches. The second depicts a Muslim cleric destroying an image of Mary. The third depicts violence culminating in murder. As far as anyone knows, these videos are authentic, and not staged.

Trump's tweeting this material caused intense backlash. The world press condemned him in the harshest terms ever used against him. The New York Times and other publications rushed to condemn the videos and their sender, Jayda Fransen. Some alleged, without any evidence, that the videos were staged or inauthentic.

The New York Times devoted many articles to this topic. On the very day of the tweets, the Times rushed to print an article, "The Stories Behind Three Anti-Muslim Videos Shared by Trump," that struggled to defuse the videos, and make them out to be innocuous. It was as if the Muslim world were on trial, and the New York Times were the Muslim world's defense attorney.

A few observations.

First, the President of the United States should not use twitter. Twitter use demeans the office and endangers the US.

Second, I searched for over an hour to find any publication that supplied any facts to support the characterization of Britain First as an "extremist, right-wing hate group."

I read articles about Britain First, visited their Facebook page, watched their videos, and saw no extremism and no hate. They appear to be a small group of older British people who walk around carrying crosses and Union Jacks and distributing pamphlets encouraging patriotism. People spit at them and throw projectiles at them, and they do not retaliate.

If anyone has any information to support their status as an "extremist, right-wing hate group" please feel free to supply that information in the comments section.

Third. The videos in question are not fake, and are not anti-Muslim. They do show Muslims behaving badly, but there are an infinite number of videos that show non-Muslims behaving badly; those videos arouse no outrage.

Fourth, the gigantic furor aroused is very telling.

In the mainstream press, academia, and popular culture, Poles are Bieganski. That is, Poles are brutal haters who deserve every criticism. In recent days, world press has condemned Poland for its recent Independence Day March. No one pulled any punches in this criticism. In fact, mainstream news organs fabricated especially inflammatory slogans and claimed that they appeared on signage – there were no signs at the march that featured the inflammatory slogan.

No one rushed forward to say that Poles cannot be criticized in this manner.

This is what we call a double standard.

Poles need to unite and resist Bieganski. For more on that, see here.  


  1. Yes. The double standards of politics - what the world of politics is - is becoming more blatant by the day in my opinion.

    The public suicide of Bosnian Croat General Slobodan Praljak Wednesday in a 'war crimes trial' courtroom in the Hague, reminded me that I am still waiting for the trials of the Western NATO leaders on trial for 'war crimes', for war crimes in Libya, Syria, Iraq etc.

    But I won't be holding my breath while I'm waiting.

    What I hope very much is that this will make more and more people think seriously about the Biblical warnings about the current world system we are living in.

    1. Sue do you know anything about Britain First? What am I missing?

    2. I don't know anything about it Danusha. The political hot potato this side of The Pond still seems to be the Brexit/Bremain vote, oh and the papers are full of the news that a guy and a gal have just got engaged.

      All the best to them, but if WW3 breaks out it will have to find space somewhere on the back page.

      As you know, I do try to stay out of all politics and take no sides. And being a Polonian does give me a headstart I feel, given how much we have suffered at the hands of both Left and Right.

    3. Sue if you don't know about them, I have to guess that they are quite a fringe group.

    4. I would guess so - though I don't take much interest in politics full stop. From their name, I assume they are concerned about levels of immigration, and from the comments on this blog, I assume especially about the levels of Muslim immigration.

      All I can add really is that Muslims seem pretty well integrated into the UK in many ways. in spite of all the troubles. And also that whatever "Britain First" stands for, its name will ensure it is not popular with the Literati, Glitterati and Mediarati - as we live in a world where "All Nationalism is equal, but some is more equal than others".

      And it is not only us Poles/Polonians who have been awarded DoubleplusunGood status, nationality wise.

      But overall I see nationalism as one of the many devices by which the real rulers of the world divide and conquer. A tragically successful device too.

      And who are the real rulers of the world?

      The Christian Greek Scriptures tells us clearly and simply that "we have a struggle, not against blood and flesh, but against the governments, against the authorities, against the world rulers of this darkness, against the wicked spirit forces in the heavenly places." - Ephesians 6:12

      The rulers of the world system we currently live under are Satan and the demons. Our struggle against them is a spiritual one, and we must strive to be "no part" of Satan's world.

      I was out with one of my sisters this morning trying to tell people this. We had some interesting conversations.

    5. Sue you say Muslims are integrated. Many facts don't agree with your comment. Why separate sharia courts? Why the importation of arranged brides? Why the grooming scandals? Why no go zones? Why terror attacks? Compare this map:

    6. Well, it is as if there are two strands of immigration. The grooming scandals,for example. which I have no reason to believe are not continuing, are an absolute disgrace. And an indictment of Political Correctness too.

      However, the other side of the coin is how well integrated many Muslims are. My young surgeon (Knew Knees) is a British Muslim, of Arab extraction. Very successful, very good, took great care of me. My optician, in our sleepy little seaside town, is a Brit Muslim of Pakistani extraction. My nephew's best man was a British Muslim, of Pakistani extraction It was a secular wedding by the way.

      And one of my in-laws, lovely daughter of prosperous middle classers, recently married a British Muslim of Pakistani origin. Now, back in 1960s England, that would have caused a lot of comment -it would have been most unusual. The only comment I have heard is that he is a nice young lad with an excellent career. His being Muslim doesn't seem to be an issue at all.

      That is why I say despite all the troubles - of which, yes there are many- there is much more successful integration than might be supposed.

  2. President Trump has given a little known British fringe group what Margaret Thatcher once called "the oxygen of publicity". The group's deputy leader can be seen in the clip I posted before. She appears on the podium behind the ranting ex-priest and his buddy Rybak.

    Regards Charles B.

    1. Charles, I know she's in that video. Is her presence in that video enough to categorize her as an extremist right wing hater?

      I'm guessing she doesn't speak Polish. Did she know what she was getting in to?

      Did she sign on to the full agenda or was she just there to protest -- a reasonable protest in my mind -- her government's Islamization of her country?

      Can you answer any of these questions fully, with citations? If not, are you not pulling a McCarthyite move?

      That's a real question, Charles. I hope you will answer.

  3. By "McCarthyite", I presume you are asking whether I'm suggesting this person is guilty by association. I don't know if you have access to Facebook, but you can find more information about Britain First and their links to the Polish far-right on a page called "Notes from Poland".

    Charles B.

    1. Charles, I'll repeat my question, which you did not address.

      Does she speak Polish? Did she understand what was being said about Jews? Does she endorse what was being said about Jews? Or was she there to join forces with others resisting the state-enforced Islamization of the Europe?

      Can you please respond to my questions? If you don't know the answer, feel free to say "I don't know."

      If you don't know, is it fair for you to characterize her as endorsing Miedlar's statements about Jews?

      Please address this question, as well.

      Thank you.

    2. Charles, new poll. It appears that most Europeans agree with Jayda Fransen's resistance to the Islamization of Europe. Are all these folks right wing haters and extremists?

    3. This includes most in the UK. Are we to identify most Brits as right wing haters and extremists?

    4. Interesting.

      Unfortunately, however, the cultural Marxist and globalist elitists are hell-bent on imposing massive immigration on white-majority nations in order to dilute and weaken their religious-ethnic self-identities.

      Whether or not the majority of European peoples agree with this agenda is irrelevant.

    5. Hello,

      Jayda Fransen doesn't speak Polish. And she apparently isn't aware of Międlar's anti-jewish paranoia.
      Britain First and Polish far-right have only one common ground - resistance to the islamisation of Europe.
      Those Brits are not anti-semitic. At all.
      They are focused on real threat not an imaginary one. Some Poles should take an example from them.

  4. In answer to your question I doubt if she speaks Polish. But she is campaigning for Rybak to be freed from prison so she must know why he was convicted.

    Regards Charles B.

    1. Charles I just googled Jayda Fransen anti semite and I found this article from Haaretz. It was hard to read because of all of the pop up ads but the article claims that she courted Jews and held a solidarity rally in a Jewish neighborhood.


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