Friday, November 17, 2017

Poland's Allegedly "Nazi" March. Photos

Lukasz sent these in. I have no idea how representational they are. 


  1. A picture is worth a thousand words. Three pictures--even better.

    Those horrible, horrible leftist-imagined Polish Nazis!

    I love it.

    Thanks, Lukasz.

  2. A film should be worth several thousand words.

    But only a few irresponsible journalists actually described the marchers as nazis. Most described them as nationalists. Some used the term fascist to describe the small minority who caused all the trouble.

    Peczkis is in serious denial.

    Charles Biegalski

    1. Charles, please.

      Your most recent post contains an insult against Jan Peczkis. That's why I did not post it.

      This blog is not about ad hominem attacks.

      Please *state facts.*

      You've posted this video twice.

      Posting it is not enough. You must describe it. Tell us why you want us to watch it. Tell us significant quotes. Tell us how you interpret them.

      That would be so much more worthwhile a use of your time than telling us that you don't like Jan Peczkis, which you have already stated.

      Focus on facts, not personalities.

      That is an international standard of intellectually worthy speech and writing.

    2. My most recent post is quite mild about Jan Peczkis. It's not that I like or dislike Jan Peczkis. I don't know Jan Peczkis. I merely don't like what he says. I repeat what you consider an insult. If Jan Peczkis thinks that Miedlar's speech is nothing, then I have nothing further to say. How is that an insult? Adieu.

    3. So it was "only a few irresponsible journalists" who referred to Poland's patriotic demonstrators as "fascists" and "Nazis".

      WRONG. It was a common theme, throughout the leftmedia, to refer to the Polish Independence Day marchers as "fascists" and "Nazis".

      Watch this excellent video that refutes these left-wing canards:


    ONR were one of the groups which organized the march. Here they are giving what they describe as the Roman salute.


  4. The view from the UK's Guardian, which Mr Peczkis will probably dismiss as anti-Polish LEWACTWO


    1. Charles, thank you for including informative posts.

      Please do continue to post but please don't bait anyone here. There is no need for you to mention another poster when posting information.

      If someone says something you don't agree with, please feel free to disagree, but stick to facts. Don't make things personal.

      I want the information you have provided in your posts, but I don't want the baiting and provoking.

      thank you.

      Jan Peczkis please don't respond to Charles' baiting in his posts, above. I have no desire to host a flame war between you two.

  5. OK. Let us focus on the content.

    Once again we are getting the same link to a YouTube video--a speech by Jacek Miedlar. Sure sounds like "irresponsible journalism" to try to make something out of nothing.


    Hi, you wanted to post something but I don't understand your post. Can you rephrase it more clearly and send in again? Thank you.


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