Saturday, December 11, 2021

"Books Blaming Jews for Covid Sold in Warsaw Church": The Jerusalem Post. Readers React with Anti-Polish Hatred

A Facebook friend directed me to the article, discussed below. It alleges that a Catholic church in Poland was selling disgusting anti-Semitic material. 

I read the article and was horrified by it. 

Then I read the comments. The bigoted hatred for Poles and for Catholicism expressed in the comments section sickened me. 

Yes, there are anti-Semitic Catholics and Poles. These people, for the most part, occupy the nether regions of society. Decent people recognize them as monstrous and reject them. 

Too many "nice" people, though, including too many "nice" Jews, repeat bigoted statements about Christianity, about Catholicism, and about Poles and Poland. These prejudices find their way, not into marginal books that arouse outrage and elicit condemnation, but into publications that win academic and journalistic awards. 

I have documented this in my book, Bieganski the Brute Polak, and on this blog. 

I am disgusted by, and I condemn, the phenomena described below: anti-Semitism, Christophobia, and hatred of Poles. I welcome anyone who joins me in condemning all three. 

In the comments, someone alleges that the books were not being sold in or by the church, and also alleges that the journalist is far-left. Also, a commenter pointed out that the photo the JP used to illustrate an article about anti-Semitism in Poland was in fact from France. See that photo,  above. 

The full Jerusalem Post article is here. An excerpt is below.

Books Blaming Jews for Covid Sold in Warsaw Church

Many antisemitic titles were sold at a beatification ceremony, the first step toward sainthood, of two revered Catholic figures in Warsaw's main church last week, Algemeiner reported.


Titles included Scum and the Jews in Today's Poland, Judeopolonia II - Anatomy of Enslaving Poland and Homoterror. Additionally, there were books that blamed Jews for the COVID-19 pandemic.


Aside from prominent Catholic figures, the ceremony was attended by Poland's President Andrzej Duda, Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki and the head of the country's ruling Law and Justice Party, Jaroslaw Kaczynski.


Wojciech Karpieszuk, a journalist who attended the ceremony, wrote an article for the Gazeta Wyborcza describing his unease at the sight of the books and the fact that no one else around him seemed to be bothered by them.


"During those 40 minutes, I didn't see a single reaction of indignation. Nothing," he wrote. "Many of the clergy, and even one bishop among them, passed by the stands indifferently."

End of excerpt. Excerpts from the comments section, below. 


Fake story.

Those people were street sellers; they weren't part of the ceremony.

Btw Karpieszuk is a journo for a far-left news outlet.


Royston Langdon

20 September, 2021


Roman Catholicism always was a factory of antisemites that eagerly awaited two simultaneous things: first the permission or indifference of the State, and second the silence of the Pope, to unleash another Judgment Day against the 'Cursed Race of Cain.'


After the annihilator end of the WWII and the unexpected creation of the state of Israel, the Second Vatican Council left traditional antisemitism in the background in order to focus all forces into the creation of a Palestinian state that would gradually, or suddenly, destroy the state of Israel, this time with the help of the worst enemy of Christianity: the Islam.


That is why the papists very much like to resort to a quotation from the gospels to justify the change of orientation, which is found precisely in Paul's letter to the Hebrews 13:8: 'Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today and forever'.


Donald Fbulu

19 September, 2021


Poles were more harsh than Nazis.


Donald Fbulu

19 September, 2021


Most Polish were Nzi Sympathizers.


National Radical Organization (Polish: Narodowa Organizacja Radykalna) was a Polish collaborationist pro-Nzi organization, founded following the 1939 German invasion of Poland by Andrzej Swietlicki and Stanislaw Trzeciak.


In March 1940, NOR co-organized with Germany a series of assaults on houses and shops of Warsaw Jews, known as the Easter pogrom. During the incidents, NOR representatives appealed to the Polish society for participation in pogroms.


Kacper Czajkows

19 September, 2021


Typical Polish behavior.


Anti-Semitism was a way of life in Catholic Poland.


"Prior to World War II, anti-Semitism was an increasingly visible factor in Polish society, and government authorities took formal measures to exclude Jews from key sectors of public life. A nationalism deeply rooted in Catholicism was central to that struggle."



20 September, 2021


I think we have to accept that Poland, with its long history of domination by the Catholic Church, will take many generations before this deeply-rooted racist bigotry will be expunged, although I am not hopeful it ever will.


Donald Fbulu

19 September, 2021


Is brutality in Polish blood?



19 September, 2021


This is typical of the Polish Catholic Church and the Polish right-wing, nationalist government. Anti-Semitism is endemic in Poland. Why would the journalist in question be surprised by the sale of anti-Semitic books in Warsaw’s main church at a beatification ceremony?



19 September, 2021


Such short memories but are we surprised that the Cathloic Church persists in its disgusting portrayal of the Jewish people.

Where is the condemnation by the Pope?


Donald Fbulu

19 September, 2021


Poland dumber than the rest of Europe? … Poles are savage … these people have yet to evolve



19 September, 2021


As much as we love to hate the Poles, stuff like this is "peanuts" compared to what's being disseminated in Western Europe (not to mention the Arab world)



19 September, 2021


Poland had anti-semitic laws before WW2 that were similar to Germany's.  Just one year after Hitler gained power, Poland signed a friendship treaty with Nazi Germany. In 1935, Hitler hosted a memorial service for Poland's leader Pilsudski. The Germans double-crossed their Polish friends, but the Poles still blame Jews for their misfortunes. Even though almost no Jews remain in Poland (who can blame them?), Jew hatred runs deep.


And on and on and on. This is just a small sampling.


  1. The story about Covid is much more popular in France, there exists there "Qui?" movement. What is the title of the alleged Polish book? "Judeopolonia II" is a historical book about the allleged Jewish project of Jewish authonomy in Central Europe, written by Szczesniak, who died in 2003.

  2. NOR was a small organisation, it existed during several months. Its leader (or leaders) were murdered by the Nazis.

  3. Hello,

    I've read that article. A fine example of anti-polonism and lack of integrity. Lets start from the title.

    The books were not sold in church, but on the street. Pavement is clearly seen on the photo from twitter.

    Photos in the article are from France and Germany. They are signed but with small print.

    Polish president, prime minister and the bishop didn't even noticed that seller and his books. To expect them to stop by some street stand is ridiculous.

    Titles of the books were translated poorly. Allow me:

    "Holocaust Industry" by Norman G. Finkelstein. I haven't read it.

    "Coronavirus vaccine - threat to humanity?" by Chris Klinsky. From what I found out this book is some conspiracy theory about the covid and the pharmaceutical industry. I found no info that it's about the Jews. Such assumptions seem far-fetched.

    "Judeopolonia II" by Andrzej Szcześniak. I haven't read that book but on it's cover there is a photo of Provisional Polish Revolutionary Committee. I'm guessing that it is critical about some Jews.

    "Homoterror" by Leszek Szymowski. That's definitely not about Jews, but Mr Karpieszuk is a goddamned leftist so he had to mention it.

    "Chamy i Żydy in today's Poland" by Marian Miszalski. From what I know it's about descendants of Jewish (Żydy) and non-Jewish (chamy) communists in modern Poland. I don't know if it's antisemitic. I assume that it's anti-commie (and I'm ok with that).

    I have read the comments under article and I'm shocked by the number of "experts" on Poles and Poland who live in distant countries and don't speak Polish language. At all.

    As for situation of Jews in Poland. There was a drop in antisemitic incidents by 40% compared to previous year. This year there were 40-50 incidents. Mostly signs on the walls. Nothing violent.
    Meanwhile in Germany there is on average 6 antisemitic incidents per day. Devastations of graves. Brutal attacks on Jews in the streets.

    Synagogues and Jewish institutions in Poland are unguarded.

    Polish politicians don't make racist statements. They don't talk about mother's milk.

    I would also like to comment on that incident in Kalisz, but it's kinda late. Maybe tommorow.

  4. You wrote, "Too many "nice" people, though, including too many "nice" Jews, repeat bigoted statements about Christianity, about Catholicism, and about Poles and Poland. These prejudices find their way, not into marginal books that arouse outrage and elicit condemnation, but into publications that win academic and journalistic awards."

    Very true. Sounds like the Jews will have to clean up the bigotry in their own ranks before they start pointing their fingers at others"

  5. "Just as Poland takes pride in its Righteous Among the Nations" - not exactly, the YV refuses to honour Lados. YV has no idea about basic facts.

    1. Sad but true. Yad Vashem decided that Aleksander Ładoś and Stefan Ryniewicz are not worthy to be recognised as Righteous Among the Nations. No reasons were given.

  6. "Maus" is good for intelligent and competent readers/watchers. It may be also a tool of indoctrination: Pigs, greedy, dirty, lazy, slow, sloppy, Polish Cats, hunters, selfsuficient (independent), intelligent, unpredictable, Nazi. I do not know who teaches this way, but the text seems to be authentic. Nazi, not German.

  7. A review of the recent book by Rafal Ziemkiewicz The writer has not been allowed to enter the UK. The reason and legality of the exultion remain unclar.

  8. It should also be noted that many Jews make ignorant statements about Spain and it's history in many ways. Many Jews are ignorant in many ways such like many other people.


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