Sunday, December 3, 2017

Lifesite News: Western, Mainstream Press Misrepresents Poland's Independence Day March

Lifesite news ran an article arguing that Western, mainstream press misrepresented Poland's Independence Day March. I can't recommend the article. I don't think it brings much new to the table. 

In the comments section, a couple of posters said, paraphrase, If, as you say, the fascists, neo-Nazis, and white supremacists were such a small percentage of the marchers, why didn't the majority of marchers demand that the objectionable element not participate? That's a valid question. 

One comment argued that the fascists were paid agents of George Soros. A pretty far-fetched conspiracy theory. Another comment argued that homosexuals and abortionists are out to destroy Poland. Not a helpful point of view. 

You can read the article, "Here’s What The Mainstream Media Isn’t Telling You About The Poland Independence Day March," by Dorothy Cummings Mclean here.


  1. The important thing is that the mountains of calumnies about Poland are now being addressed, if only tepidly and belatedly.

    I have read the linked article and it is excellent. I especially like the way the author "connects" with the American reader by asking how he/she would feel if the media photographed a handful of white supremacists at a Fourth of July event, and then widely portrayed the American Fourth of July as a feast that celebrates fascism, Nazism, and white supremacism.

    Well done!

  2. Hello,

    A group of 100-150 radicals joined the March, unrolled their banners and fled from the scene after some journalists took pictures of them. Those jerks were the members of anti-american, pro-russian organisation called Czarny Blok (Black Block).
    They are antisemitic, panslavic pagans (yes, really).
    Needless to say, they are a minority in Catholic Poland.

    They weren't on the March from the beginning to the end. They just used the element of surprise to show up at the right moment and then run away.
    There was no "permission". Nobody "allowed" them. And there was no time to "demand".
    Majority of marchers didn't notice them anyway.

    The problem with that march was that anyone could join in. But that doesn't mean that everyone was welcome to join.
    Those bastards in balaclavas were aware of that.

    1. I honestly do not care about what the Western media writes about Poland. Pro-Russians may be the ones in balaclavas but also the ones in the media. The way this works my young friend is that you send in a team to discredit something and then you pay a fake news journalist to cover this. And racism and anti-Semitism are such "hot" topics that the story multiplies itself - your agents just have to prep it.

    2. If people want to march in a march they should be allowed. You either have free speech or you do not. No one is forcing you to march hand in hand with them.

  3. The March was created under Platforma Obywatelska rules to protest against its indifference regarding Polish tradition.
    Unfortunately the government failed to take over the March in 2016 and 2017. Mr President Duda will organise 2018 (100 anniversary) ceremony without nationalists.
    The orgainsers were responsible for order, (not the participants) and they failed to control the March so they should be punished. However the comments that 60 000 fascists participated show extreme bias of liberal media. The media are 1000 times more influential than banners at Warsaw and their lies will not be punished.

    1. What do you mean without nationalists? What are you mumbling about? I am a nationalist and you can be sure I'll be at the march. Try to stop me.

    2. Bravo, Tom Seaver! That's telling them. I like your attitude.

    3. Telling *who*?

      "I like your attitude" -- insulting other blog posters?

      Polonians insulting other Polonians. Yeah, that will really help.

    4. Mr. President has not invited endecja.
      I hope that the police will arrest masked fighters, both left and right.

  4. Not at all. Tom Seaver was clearly referring to the Polish government--and it becoming weak-kneed, "Mr President Duda will organise 2018 (100 anniversary) ceremony without nationalists. he said." To which Seaver defiantly replied that he would be there anyway.

    It is high time that Poles stop being so docile and so dang conciliatory to others. So I repeat to Tom Seaver, "I like your attitude". I wish that more Poles thought this way.

    1. It's the high time you come to Poland and work to solve our problems - poverty, hatred, mass emigration. The curreent government is more hard than Hungary but lacks PM Orban's adroitness, so Poland is beaten by the EU and Hungary isn't.

  5. Getting personal, eh?

    Fine. Just give me political power, and I will come to Poland and make Poland great.

    (Just kidding).

    Seriously now, Poland is not some kind of pariah that is fated to grovel before others.

  6. Poland is a real nation, not a computer game. We live between German business and Russian tanks and missiles. "nawet guzika nie damy" didn't work in 1939, why should it do now? Poland doesn't have a lobby in the USA like Israel does and doesn't have any A-bomb. The EU wants to pubnish Poland, we already lost 27 to 1 when the EU elected Donald Tusk. Poland doesn't have any ally.

    1. All very true. Which is all the more reason that we need to be united and defiant, and to fight harder.

      Nobody tells Poles what they can or cannot do.

      Regardless of what happens, we do not submit to our enemies. Not then, not now, and not ever.

  7. Regarding the position of Poland in the USA - as far as I know only the University of Illinois has chairs of Polish Language and History of Poland.

  8. Even universities in Poland are increasingly promoting the Jewish and leftist viewpoints on matters of importance to Poland. (I know. I have reviewed a sampling of their output.) Then again, unfortunately, the concurring with the dominant academic spirit is usually the only way to get ahead in academia.

    For this reason, I doubt if the existence of more chairs of Polish Language and History, at western universities, would serve Polish interests. If anything, they would be outwardly Polish while anti-Polish in spirit and content.

  9. There are several Jewish points of view. Some Jews visit Father Rydzyk and prize righeous Poles, another Jews attack Father Rydzyk and prefer to remeber Polish criminals only. Rydzyk used to believe that Polish priests are hated by Jews, because his group had been attacked in Jerusalem. Only recently he was told that Orthodox Jews attack there everyone during Shabbats.

    1. Certainly so. But it does not change the fact that the particular Jewish viewpoint that dominates academia, media, and the entertainment industry, and which therefore shapes public opinion about Poland, and which therefore is by far the most relevant, is decidedly negative.

      This is how it always has been, and nothing substantive has changed.

    2. Jan, what you wrote, above, is simply factually incorrect. Jews have done more to uplift Poland's image than most Poles. Perhaps even more than organized Polonia. And anti Polish images come from many sources, not just Jews. If there were no Jews in the world, the anti Polish image would be alive and well.

      As I've said in the past, please don't offer a rebuttal to this post. You stated your position, and I stated mine, and I don't want any more space on this thread devoted to your factually incorrect, anti Jewish view.


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