Sunday, December 3, 2017

Maciej Kisilowski: PiS Is about Power, not Patriotism

Maciej Kisilowski, an associate professor of law and public management at Central European University in Budapest, argues "Poland: authoritarian, not patriotic: Jarosław Kaczyński is building a state apparatus that will do whatever it takes to protect the regime," that PiS is about consolidating and maintaining power, not about patriotism. 

Kisilowski points to PiS and the media, PiS and the judiciary, and PiS and public projects. PiS, he says, is currently aided by economically comfortable times, but when times get lean, PiS will tighten its grip to maintain power. Kisilowski points to fascist elements in the Independence Day March and asks why these elements were not prevented from participating, while, he says, peaceful anti-fascist marchers were arrested. 

In the comments section under the article, readers curse in Polish at Kisilowski, wish him dead, and accuse him of being secretly Jewish. 

One comment reads, "What an eye opener, one does not need need to live in Poland to experience fascism, even just looking at the comments of some of the fascist minded commentators here can immagine what really is going on in that country. The xenophobia, swearing at people, labeling anyone with a different vew a traidor, the hate aimed towards anyone who questions them. it is obvious that the PiS has found very fertile ground to sow its seeds of hatred"

Another comment reads, "the march itself was sponsored, among others, by the far-right ONR, something that the PiS authorities must surely have been aware of."

You can read the article here.


  1. Why is this blog getting involved in internal Polish politics, and promoting this LEWAK, KOD propaganda about the PiS government and its attempts to correct the travesty of the Communist-holdover judiciary?

    1. Clearly the blog author is a lesbian, communist, Jew.

  2. Here are the facts and truths about the PiS government and its policies, including the long-overdue reform of the judiciary:

    1. Good to see the Polish League against Defamation is active.

  3. Hello,

    Jarosław Kaczyński is no dictator. He is a pro-israeli philosemite and a former member of Solidarity. THE SOLIDARITY.

    I'm not a big fan of Kaczyński. But I support his reforms.
    Constitutional Tribunal was created by Jaruzelski to stop decommunisation of Poland.
    Polish judges are mostly old commies.
    Opposition is a modern Targowica. For years they were selling my country piece by piece to the foreign companies.
    "Free" media are mostly German-owned (80% or so). Such situation doesn't exist in any other European country. It's not normal.
    EU turned my homeland into colony. Source of cheap labour.

    No more.

    Westerners should start to worry about their own countries.
    United Sheikhdom of Brittain.
    Islamic Republic of Germany.
    Caliphate of Andalusia.
    French Emirate.

    Enjoy your dhimmitude.

  4. The Platforma Obywatelska ignored basic social problems, eg. the poverty of big families. The society is tired after 25 years of social experiments. The pension experiment failed, working people earned less than in other countries and had less rights. Many people over 60 were unemployed and were told to be unemployed till 67. I don't like many PiS deeds but no other party is able to govern Poland today. Tusk destroied his party PO and run away to the European Union. Now PO is trying to eat Nowoczesna.

    1. Thank you for that fact-based post.

    2. I have bought your book (in Polish) at Wrocław Book Fair. The Fair took place in Centennial Hall, constructed as a monument of German nationalism, used by Nazis. Some parts of the book (Nation of Islam) are hardly understandable for me. "The Winds of War" TV series was quite popular in Poland, it described immigration problems made by US authorities.


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