Friday, November 18, 2022

Robert Clary, Polish-French-Jewish, Concentration Camp Survivor, Hogan's Heroes Star, Has Died


An extraordinary life. See his New York Times obituary, here


  1. Polak-bydlak? #RozróbyuKuby🤯 o stereotypach w amerykańskiej kulturze 24.11 o 22:00 w

  2.,88/co-dalej-odcinki,277708/odcinek-356,S01E356,378860 TVP summary of the conference. 9 advertisings.

  3. Text summary in Polish

  4. 80-years old blind Filomena Leszczynska has died, but Professor Jan Grabowski still continues his campaign ( using the libel case. The research by Grabowski and Engelking, the results of which have been recently published by Indiana University, was financed by the government of Poland, who allegedly is 'rewriting history'. The Salem State University should have verified the text.

  5. "Jewish Boston" uses different wording "Holocaust Distortion and Holocaust Denial in Poland". Poland is the most aware of the Holocaust nation of the world after Israel. The only academic denialist in Poland was expelled from his university, was homeless and died in his car.

  6. Notorious US antisemite arrested in Poland over offensive banner at Auschwitz (in September)


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