Thursday, November 3, 2022

Bieganski Talk, Warsaw, Poland, November, 2022

Very impressed by and grateful to the Polish patriots who made my presence at this conference possible. Bravo!



  1. What was the context - a conference? Audience? Place?

  2. I belive that "Entangled in Fear" deserve mentioning. The book has been finally translated into English. I belive that any Pole from Poland would be surprised by the word "Nazis". During the war anyone considered the occupants to be German, the word Nazis/naziści was rarely used, perhaps never. It was written 'niemcy'.. If you show a picture of a common soldier or policeman you do not know if he was Nazi. I have not read the "Ordinary Men" but many killers policemen were not Nazi. As far as I understand (my English is limited) you stress that people commit the crimes, not any selected groups, like the Nazis. Professor Lis-Turlejska has published several papers about PTSD in Poland The idea of PTSD did not exists during the war, but it partially explains cruelty of the vicitms. You do not mention the main vicitms of Poles and Jews after the war - common Germans, including bilingual Silesians. They were murdered, imprisoned in former German camps, deported to Soviet Union. Another crimes, like the pogroms, were a detail in the post-war hell. Was it really 'post-war'? Repressions, expulsions, guerilla war continued during several years. Westren people ask - how is it possible to kill after the war. After?

  3. Well done, and thanks. It sounds like this was a proper actual Conference - not a denunciation session. Did you get any feel from it that that the Zeitgeist might be about to change?

  4. You have mentioned your review of "The August Trials". I have access only to the first page of this review Catherine Epstein misinforms about the law. One should compare the punishing of the Polish killers of individual people and lack of punishment of German mass killers.

  5. So wonderful and so sad.

    Wonderful that it has been taken to where Bieganski started -

    sad that it is still needed.

    And the Polish patriots who asked you...


  6. Norwegia, I am not your Pole, a book written by a Polish academician,07640b54 You stink like a Pole.


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