Friday, March 9, 2018

US Ambassador Christopher R. Hill and Bieganski: "Revenge of the Peasants."

From Andrzej Wajda's film "The Wedding." 
Sometimes I think people think that I just made up Bieganski: The Brute Polak Stereotype

And then someone comes along and makes a comment that is just so perfect in its ugly egregiousness that I can only laugh. 

A United States *ambassador to Poland* called the new Holocaust speech law "Revenge of the peasants." 

A *diplomat*! 

You can't make this stuff up, people. You just can't.

Christopher R. Hill is a former US ambassador to Poland. He is now with the University of Denver -- government and academia, both purveyors of the Bieganski stereotype. 

Read more at the Washington Post here.

PS: I oppose the new speech law, and I broke it, and break it regularly, on this blog and in published writing. I also oppose stereotyping Poles as peasants, and stereotyping peasants as monsters. 

I plan to write to University of Denver Chancellor Chopp and ask her to invite me to her campus to educate Mr Hill and others about the Bieganski stereotype. If you'd like to contact her as well, please do. 


  1. I do hope, Danusha, that Chancellor Chopp accepts your offer to speak with Mr. Hill and others at the University of Denver.

    As for Mr. Hill, his “revenge of the peasants” pronouncement paints Law and Justice party supporters as Bieganskis. Since PiS popularity is currently at or about 47 percent, he’s tarring a lot of Poles. Such an arrogant utterance from a career Foreign Service Officer and former U.S. Ambassador to Poland? Apparently, he believes he’s not only right but also righteous.

    As for Mr. Fried, also mentioned in the article and is Jewish, he believes “this law is utterly unnecessary.” Perhaps he could enlighten us with his assessment of whether or not a Holocaust denial law is needed. (According to Wikipedia, Mr. Fried was the U.S. Ambassador to Poland from November 1997 to May 2000, while Mr. Hill was Ambassador from May 2000 to April 2004. Also, Mr. Fried was Polish Desk Officer at the State Department from 1987 to 1989. He then served as Political Counselor in the U.S. Embassy in Warsaw from 1990 to 1993.)

    I get a tad annoyed with the media continually calling the law Poland’s Holocaust law. It’s an anti-defamation law.

  2. 1. I doubt you break the law.

  3. This won't surprise anyone but I never heard back.

    Polonia exercises zero clout

  4. Yesterday “Gazeta Wyborcza” published an open letter to Mateusz Morawiecki, titled “Niesława monachijska, czyli list otwarty do premiera Morawieckiego”. Its author defended the usage of the term “Polish concentration camps” and stated that “anti-Polonism” is a fabrication and an illusion. (“Cały ten lament o złej zagranicy lżącej naród polski, o antypolonizmie, któremu wreszcie trzeba dać odpór, jest bzdurą, wymysłem i urojeniem!”),95891,23133506,nieslawa-monachijska-czyli-list-otwarty-do-premiera-morawieckiego.html?disableRedirects=true

    1. In GAZETA WYBORCZA...surprise...surprise...

    2. Gazeta Wyborcza is going the way of the Dodo, thank God. I will open a bottle of champagne the day it finally dies, crushed by its towering amount of debt.So this "wonderful" video of the Ruderman Foundation (having a high production and propagandistic value that was not done in some dudes basement during a boring weekend) was a sign of deep love and affection for the Polish nation? I despise Gazeta Wyborcza, basically EVERYTHING it does is anti-Polish. The same goes for Newsweek (was centrist, than Germans bought it up and it became an anti-Polish smearfest. In short: everything Polish is antiquated and shameful and should be discarded asap. Everything not Polish-the best ever. I seriously think they would even defend radical Islam, I mean it is not Polish so basically it has value for this crazed leftists...).Also, me being told by a German antifa-afficionado that "Poles helped the Nazis (not Germans, mind you!) to murder the Jews and should shut up" is not anti-Polonism than apparently even murdering a Pole on the street while yelling anti-Polish slurs would not be considered to be anti-Polonism by Gazeta Wybiorcza

  5. Another open letter. This time from Janusz Simcha Sujecki and addressed to the Israeli Ambassador in Poland, Anna Azari. In 1998, Sujecki received an award from the Israeli Ambassador, Yigal Antebi, for his work on preserving the Jewish cultural heritage in Poland. He recently decided to return the award in protest against Israel's "shameful attack" against Poland.

    1. Bravo, Janusz Simcha Sujecki! Poles with similar rewards should do likewise.

    2. Mr. Sujecki is a Jewish Pole, Mr. Peczkis. He can write such things and he won't get accused of antisemitism.

      Another Jewish Pole, Mr. Artur Hofman said about Ruderman Foundation's clip: "I'll put it this way, aberration, to say the least, is what afficted these feverish American-Jewish heads. We are already dealing with the historical revisionism here, it is a very serious matter. One should also add: it's a pity that American Jews, over 75 years ago, didn't react in the equally expressive way like they did right now!"

      And here is the link to Matthew Tyrmand's article.

      I wonder if he has read "Bieganski" the book already.

    3. I am wondering about something else: Israel does not have that many real friends, and Jews are not that much well received in other countries (Ive met people from different countries who told me about their trip to Isreal, or to New York and the Jews they met there...they apologized that they did not have a good opinion of Israelis/Jews ect). Why on earth mistreat the only nation that had some kind of sympathy for them? That is so stupid in the middle to long run. I personally have decided that I will not support a scenario where Poland will again become a safe haven for masses of Jewish people. Sounds horrible, I know, but I can not support a scenario where masses of people resentful of Poland and Poles will want to settle in Poland. This comes from a person who has supported Isreal and Jews openly and strongly...until around 2 months ago.


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