Thursday, March 1, 2018

Jerusalem Post: 1946 US Document Alleges that Poles Treated Jews as Badly as Germans Treated Jews

Read article here.


  1. Jan Peczkis twice now you've submitted a post that says that this post repeats "discredited communist propaganda."

    Please note this stipulation from posting guidlines: "Your comment includes readily verifiable factual material, rather than speculation that veers wildly away from established facts."

    You offer no support for your insistence that the above-linked article is publishing communist propaganda.

  2. Jan Peczkis you say the book "General Anders" proves that the above linked post is communist propaganda. Please provide a page number and a quote that proves that the material in the above linked post is communist propaganda. Thank you.

  3. OK.

    The Harvey Sarner book refutes the allegations of systematic anti-Semitism in Anders Army, which was the same allegation leveled by the JERUSALEM POST.

    As for specifics that it is Communist propaganda, see, for example, pp. 206-on of Joseph Tenenbaum's 1948 book, IN SEARCH FOR A LOST PEOPLE, by American Jewish Communist Joseph Tenenbaum, the descendant of Polish Jews. He vilifies General Anders and the NSZ as fascists, anti-Semites, and (even better) killers of Jews.

    For another such example of Anders portrayed as a vicious anti-Semite, intended for the postwar American reader, see THE NEW POLAND, by Irving Brant.

    Other works can be found that discuss the Soviet Union's deep fondness of General Anders.

  4. Jan Peczkis nothing that you posted addresses this document.

    Yes, communists did exploit Polish antisemitism. Communists also exploited lynching in America. That doesn't mean that lynching in America did not occur.


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