Tuesday, March 6, 2018

Bella, a Polish-Jewish Girl

From the book, "Rescuers," by Block and Drucker. 

In the book Rescuers, Portraits of Moral Courage in the Holocaust, authors Gay Block and Malka Drucker tell many stories, including that of Agnieszka Budna-Widerschal. 

Agnieszka, a Polish Catholic, saved six Jewish men in Nazi-occupied Poland. She hid them for three years. 

She married a Polish-Jewish man. 

They had a daughter, Bella. 

Agnieszka told Block and Drucker, "In 1954 there was a wave of anti-Semitism."

Some Polish children, a few years older than nine-year-old Bella, came to the house and invited Bella out for a walk. They walked near the train station. The train conductor witnessed the Polish children push Bella in front of the train. Bella died. 

Agnieszka and her husband Shimon emigrated to Israel. 

Bella did not deserve the die. There was anti-Semitism in Poland in the interwar and post-war periods. Denying this historical reality is not helpful. 

You can watch part of the interview with Agnieszka here.   


  1. This is SOP (standard operating procedure), using military lingo. That is, everything negative in the shared Polish-Jewish history is blamed exclusively on Poles.

    I, on the other hand, more than ever, believe in an Equal Time for Jewish Crime approach--specifically in the west's media, educational, and entertainment establishments.

    Until this happens, all we will see is the continuation of the endless cycle of unilateral Jewish accusations and Polish defenses and counter-accusations, and there will be no substantive (as opposed to cosmetic) improvement in Polish-Jewish relations.

  2. Jan Peczkis your post is false. I am not Jewish. My post is not SOP.

    I do not "blame everything exclusively on Poles."

    That is an outright lie.

    Your post, in addition to being false, disgusts me.

    I don't know how to understand anyone who can't feel sorrow over the murder of this child.

  3. I came across a video that features an interview with a Christian couple who saved Jewish Poles during WW2. It also features an interview with a man who was saved by them.


    1. I think that clip is from this doc, but I could be wrong.



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