Saturday, October 25, 2014

Poland Seeks to Reclaim Forgotten Past as Haven for Jews

Poland Seeks to Reclaim Forgotten Past as Haven for Jews in the Jerusalem Post here


  1. I have read the linked JERUSALEM POST article, and the posted comments.

    The article includes the usual one-sided, condescending attitude towards Poles. However, it also acknowledges the fact that there are [at least] tens of thousands of uncounted Jews in Poland. So much for the myth that Poland is JUDENREIN (free of Jews).

  2. These people are for the most part not "uncounted Jews" - they are Poles - the fact that they may have one or two Jewish ancestors does not change that. if you have a Polish father or mother you are Polish. That is it. Since when do you allow others to tell you who is and who is not Polish?

    1. Your comment strikes me as one that has completely misunderstood my post. I was not talking about those living in Poland that have one or two Jewish ancestors. Such people probably number in the hundreds of thousands. I was talking about people who are halakhically Jewish by definition.

      Finally, I was not taking any position as to who is or is not Polish. Please read my posts a little more carefully.

  3. The Museum of History of Polish Jews was opened today. I know that my post is off the point, but I wanted to share the news. In case that american media were silent about it.

  4. I will try, sorry for bad English.
    Opening was shown on at least three polish tv channels. Maybe more, I can't be sure. There was polish president, israeli president, politicians from both countries and ambassadors. Wreaths were placed at the Monument to the Ghetto Heroes. Monument is located opposite to the Museum. At the Museum presidents Komorowski and Rivlin delivered speeches. There were other speakers as well. I think that Marian Turski delivered the best and most emotionally powerful speech. After that guests entered Museum's building.
    For reasons beyond my control I had to stop watching, so I don't know what happened later. I'm sure that entire event will be available on YouTube. Sooner or later, everything is.
    I hope to visit that Museum one day.

    1. Thank you! Lukasz!

      Lots of coverage on Google news:

    2. To all of You here on this blog-normally, I dont read Times of Israel because it makes me feel like a jew under the German nazis, but after reading all these vile comments I have this question here, and I am asking all of You for an answer: What would Poland have to do to convince these haters that Poland is cool? Is this about giving them amount of money Poland does not have as "restitution"? Sending Polish soldiers to fight in Israels next war? Giving up a piece of Poland as an overseas territory of Israel? Making Hebrew a second state language? Sorry, Im being kind of sarcastic-but think about it: There is a movement in Israel urging people to migrate to Germany because life is easier than in the state of Israel and f.e pudding is just 19 Eurocents Is absurd-because Germany is becoming more and more antisemitic, partly because of German Israelhaters,and because of a quickly growing numer of muslims (who managed to murder 2 rabbis on German streets already in broad daylight and beat up several more). Crazy,isnt it? Tell me also a 2. thing,namely: Is anti-Semitism on the rise in the US as well? Keeping in mind the anti-Polish defamation spun by Times of Israel commenters I personally hope that it is Why? Oh, because than, in lets say 50 or so years, their grandchildren will stand in front of Polish,Hungarian,Romanian,Slovak ect ambassies and consulates and trying to regain the citizenship their ancestors possesed :-)

    3. Leszek,

      Your questions tacitly assume that Polonophobia is something rational. It is not.


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