Thursday, October 2, 2014

Facebook Page: "Let's Teach Glenn Beck Some History"

Polonians have started a Facebook page called "Let's Teach Glenn Beck Some History." Apparently they think that Glenn Beck is the problem.

The background to the current Glenn Beck controversy is here.

The Facebook page devoted to remonstrating with Glenn Beck is sad, misguided, and futile.

Glenn Beck is not the problem.

Glenn Beck does not hate Polish people.

Glenn Beck did not invent Bieganski.

Getting an apology from Glenn Beck will not solve anything.

Oh, Polonia, you make me cry with your miniscule, ADHD crusades.

You get all worked up about the latest Bieganski eruption, you send out a flurry of huffy, outraged, emails and letters, you spurt a spate of new Facebook pages and websites, and then you quit.

Long term organizing and funding of scholarship and culture is the only thing that is going to challenge Bieganski.

Until you do that, Polonia, you are just spinning your wheels.

The Facebook page devoted to Glenn Beck is here.


  1. Your commentary on the misguided Glenn Beck is impressive, Danusha. The usual response to perceived insults are instant reaction, verbal retaliation and/or demonization. In Glenn Beck’s case, as in Sarah Palin, hold an unreasonable hate for them. The Left would hurl of accusations of the viciousness of the Right, Republican, Fox News, whatever is Conservative. We saw this in the over-reaction to Tea Party rally when one racist remark (that was never confirmed) was overheard and thus, amid hundreds that were merely wanting less government and taxes in their working class life, became the major news flood of Tea Party racists! Balderdash!

    Glenn Beck is actually a nice guy. He is very solid on the Founding Father’s and his chalk board teaching, was reasonable when he was on Fox and did his American education. He is passionate about not being politically correct- he, like all of us, can make a mistake. Except in the public forum Beck is subject to being vitiated by the Leftist New York and LA Times.

    Instead of overreacting, I see you recognize this as misinformation on his part. If he were properly called on it, I think he would apologize and learn.

    We must temper passions in order to be heard and to educate. Not easy to do.


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