Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Glenn Beck Deploys Bieganski and Polonians are Shocked, Shocked

Glenn Beck recently deployed Bieganski and Polonians are shocked, shocked.

Why are Polonians shocked, shocked? Bieganski is real. He is deeply entrenched in Western Culture. Bieganski is not going anywhere, because Polonia has failed to address him adequately. 

Here's Glenn Beck's money quote that has Polonia all adither: "You know what we're turning into? We're turning into the Poles. The smoke is billowing out of the chimney and we're like, 'Geez, have you seen the potholes...?' They're burning Jews right down the street!"

Beck is arguing that Poles did nothing to help Jews during WW II, and that Poles were themselves NOT victims of the Nazis. In short, that Poles are exemplars of the worst of humanity. That is pretty much one of the main thrusts of the book "Bieganski." 

What is the solution here? Organization, vision, leadership, scholarship, books, publication, public talks, art, museums: all things Polonia significantly declines to organize behind or support financially. Yes, there are heroic people working individually here and there doing this and that small thing. But there is no critical mass. That's why Bieganski thrives. 

Bieganski will continue to thrive unless and until Polonia takes on the challenge of this blog post: The Crisis in Polonian Leadership, Organization, and Vision

You can read Glenn Beck's Bieganski reference here


  1. The point about Polonia is well made but do we really expect historical accuracy from someone who is basically a bit of a shock jock?

  2. However you might like to describe Beck, it's fairly clear that history is not his strong point. But the real issue is: where does he and others like him get his information? Is it really surprising that he buys into the negative stereotype of Poles if that is the image which is commonly propagated?

    It's up to people of our generation to do what we can to change perceptions of the Poles. This is not an easy undertaking, but neither is it impossible, given that most of us who are concerned with this issue were born in the West and usually have that advantage over the generation of our parents that we can express ourselves more fluently in English than they ever could.


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