Sunday, April 9, 2023

Poland = Stupid People According to a Couple of Websites Featuring Maps



They got it from a Reddit source called Mapporn 



  1. That shows how effective this propaganda has been - but then it comes from the most powerful media and academe in the world.

  2. The Japanese have almost no direct experiences with either Poles or Jews. Yet the Holocaust-related messaging is capable of making Japanese think of Germans as killers of Jews (and of course not as killers of Poles). Outside of Polish circles, Poland is not recognized as a victim of Nazi Germany. No wonder that Poland has such a hard time getting restitution from Germany.

    1. Hi Jan. Yes, The revisionism is extraordinary. This is why this constant vilification does matter, as it comes from the most powerful media and academe in the world, and therefore has a worldwide effect.

      And thank you again, and Danusha, for your constant efforts in the Polish media issues field. It is like trying to bail out The Titanic with only a plastic teaspoon, while being constantly vilified for your efforts.

      And of course Japan itself was actually on Hitler's side during WW2. Though I would not expect the young to know that now. Or in fact to care much, given it is ancient history to them.

      Germany's immense and rich history now begins and ends with WW2. Come the next NastyMap then probably Poland's will too.

      Well, on the doubleplusgood side, this can only give me - and I hope so much all of us - an extra appreciation for the loving, perfect and truthful standards of our Creator, Jehovah, the God of Abraham.

      He is the God of truth. And his word is truth. And when the Kingdom of God, the heavenly government for whose coming Jesus taught us to pray, is ruling over the earth, how wonderfully different things will be.

      It is a government that loves and values every one of its subjects. It is a pleasure to be under its loving rule even now, in these "difficult times, hard to deal with".

  3. Poland and Israel have signed an agreement regulating Israeli excursions to Poland. Haaretz has started a hate campaign ( joined by other media and individuals. As far as I understand the government of Poland listed several Polish museums that could be visited by the Israelis. One of the museums memorises anti-Soviet resistance.
    Israel and Jewish historians describe the soldiers as murderers of Jews. The Communists have murdered about 50,000 ethnic Poles after the war, only few of them committed such crimes. Israel takes part of the Soviet Union, ignoring Soviet antisemitism, eg. the murder of,

  4. Zuzia reads Polish so she is able to verify the facts, the burning of the effigy happened in 2019.This year the effigy was hanged at night and removed by the local government.


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