Sunday, April 2, 2023

More Hate and Lies from Rabbi Shlomo Litvin, Bluegrass Rabbi: Poles "Hosted" Concentration Camps

As you can see from his twitter page, Rabbi Litvin holds distinguished positions. One must assume that he speaks for many others who believe as he does, and that he indoctrinates young people in hate and revisionist history. 



  1. Anti-JP2 campaign in Poland has been initiated by liberal media outlet Agora and Discovery ovned TVN channel. At the anniversary of JP2 death Dr Bilewicz criticized JP2, who misnamed a napoleonka kremówka. However the cake has Austro-Hungarian roots and its Slovak name is 'krémeš'. JP2 used to live in Galicja, so he knew the original name. Napoleonka is probably a Warsaw name. There is another controversy, if the cake contains milk pudding (budyń).

    1. Thanks for the milk pudding controversy.

      Because of the Grand Duchy of Warsaw? That was made around the time the cake came in.

      I know that cake as a vanilla slice or a "snot block" and when they have the feuille they are slightly more sophisticated.

      Adelaide Dupont

  2. This does make me wonder about all the history I have ever been taught. Can we safely believe anything "the world and its wisdom" is telling us?

    What a cunning word "hosted" is. Where once Poland was invaded, occupied and divided up between Hitler and Stalin, who started the war as allies, and it hardly existed as a country during WW2, it now "hosts" the concentration camps in the current version. That is clever, in a "the world" way.

    I wonder if we will be hearing more of this expression...

    On the doubleplusgood side, it makes me ever more grateful for the rock of truth that is the Inspired Scriptures. They really are a light shining in a very dark place.

  3. American geography of the Holocaust
    US people do not understand that European borders have been changed during the war, sometimes several times. Many people are obsessed by their 'knowledge' that Auschwitz 'was in Poland'. Natzweiler-Struthof concentration camp was located on the territory of pre-war France. Does any American belive that Natzweiler-Struthof was in France or that Natzweiler-Struthof was a French concentration camp? Polish Google does not find such opinions, maybe the English one would find it.
    The town of Oswiecim was in Austria till 1918, in Poland 1918-1939, in Germany 1939-1945.

  4. Rabbi Litvin's argument is not even original. It is the old "moral qualifications" one. I recall Israelis responding to German critics: "The sons and grandsons of exterminators have no moral authority to pass moral judgment on Israel".


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