Thursday, April 7, 2022

Protesters Turn Pond Near Russian Embassy into a "Pool of Blood."



Thanks to Jerzy for sending this in. 

From the above-linked article: 

In Vilnius, a "blood pond" appeared next to the Russian embassy. This is an expression of opposition to Russia's aggression against Ukraine and the recent events of, among others, in the city of Bucha. Previously, the Russian Embassy in Vilnius had to change its address to ul. Ukraine's heroesThe Russian Embassy in Vilnius is located near two ponds. One of them has become a reservoir full of "blood". As an expression of opposition to Russia's aggression against Ukraine, the Lithuanians organized an action aimed at "drawing the world's attention to the invasion and the genocide committed," said Paulius Vaitekėnas, a representative of the Vilnius City Hall.The action was agreed with environmentalists and services. "Bloody Pond" in Vilnius was created using a special paint. It is harmless to the environment and has no adverse effects on plants or animals, as reported by the authorities.


  1. It certainly gets the point across.

  2. Putin's 20 page thesis may be used by a court against him

  3. Anti-Polish hate speach in "Washington Post". An academic paper

    1. This is giving me "page not available" - so hopefully whatever it was it has been removed. But it is a relentless campaign isn't it?

    2. Hello Sue,

      I guess You copied too much. Try link below.

      Author is a self-hating Pole. A western-educated leftist.

  4. Wow! That is a startling image - but tragically appropriate, given the horrors that are continuing in the Ukraine.

  5. "For children" missile killed civilians in Kramatorsk.

  6. The journalist praizes Poland in her other materials, but this concentration camps question is so dumb.

  7. The most terrible picture from Ukraine is in my opinion a picture showing a female hand with painted fingernails. I hardly believe that the woman attacked Russia.

  8. Rabbi Schmuley supports Morawiecki, falsely accused by Macron.

  9. "For children" means allegedly "Revange for Donetsk children killed by Ukrainians". But Russia has never declared that Ukrainians kill children in Donbas. Russia has not invited international experts, like Ukraine does now.

  10. I am unable to listen to the whole audio, I do not like wording 'understanding why Russia invaded Ukraine', which lokks like rationalization of Russian crimes. Nazi Germany had also some reasons to start WW2.

  11. Poles offer gifts to Russian soldiers to stop their plundering of Ukraine. Russian embassy in Warsaw

  12. Poles offer gifts to Russian soldiers, to stop them from plundering Ukraine. Russian embassy in Warsaw (I ahve previously posted a wrong link)

  13. Your readers might appreciate this.


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