Wednesday, April 6, 2022

Kicked Off of Facebook for a 25-Word Description of the Katyn Massacre

 I was kicked off of Facebook for a 25-word description of the Katyn Massacre. You can see the "offensive" post, below. 

Facebook friend Sue Knight remarked on the similarity of the execution methods invading Russians used against some Ukrainians in Bucha, and the Katyn Massacre. 

I agreed with Sue and commented that, yes, the methods were the same. I was immediately kicked off of Facebook. 

If there were any way to contact Facebook, I would ask you to contact them and protest. But there appears to be no way to contact Facebook. 

It greatly disturbs me that a 25-word description of the Katyn Massacre is enough to get the poster kicked off of Facebook. 


  1. Here is my description of near future in Europe "Some day the Russians will come to your place, steal your goods, rape you woman and killl you." I have been banned by Twitter (life sentence) and warned to not apply for a new account. The same Twitter allows to distribute Russian threats (Russia warns the West ...). FB has banned me, they demanded a copy of my personal document, which included highly sensitive data.

    1. The tech moguls command so many bux and they can't spend a single one of them to make their censorship procedures more coherent.

  2. Bloody pond close to Russiam embassy in Vilnius.

  3. FB does not allow critics of a French retail chain, still active in Russia. The chain hacked also its Ukrainian division FB account.

  4. Tomasz Frydel about the Blue police. Tomasz Frydel describes the complicated situation of the policemen influenced (even terrorized) by Germans, Polish underground and local population.

  5. I'm just now catching up on email, FB, etc. after being in TN to see my father. I didn't know you'd been kicked off of FB until today. It's dreadful that this is the reason, but I'm not surprised. I commiserate.


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