Tuesday, June 29, 2021

We Want You To Treat Us The Way You Do The Germans

 Yet another article points out that the Jews, and the world at large, respond to, and think of, modern Germans as more or less innocent, and all Poles, throughout history, as disgusting and tainted. This is, of course, the Bieganski, Brute Polak Stereotype

The author is Yuli Tamir, former Minister of Education in Israel. She describes meeting Lech Kaczynski and his giving her a very long talk about Polish-Jewish history. 

She paraphrases part of Kaczynski's talk 

I understand the terrible pain and powerful urge not to forget what happened, Kaczynski said, but you forgave the Germans. You forgave because they had money to pay you; they bought their forgiveness with money. We were poor. We were under the Soviet juggernaut, so we couldn’t offer you a thing, and you cynically made a decision to divert your fire to us. You send your high school students to Poland, they march in our streets, waving Israeli flags, exuding hatred and fear; they look at us as though they’re seeing Satan, and then they go to Berlin to have a good time. And they have it good in Berlin, they sit in the cafes next to Gestapo headquarters and feel good. In Germany, they see culture and art; in Poland they see only bodies.

She paraphrases Poles saying the following to her 

We want you to remember that we did not initiate the Holocaust. For your children who come to visit the camps to look at us differently, to meet Polish youth, to know that there is a different Poland. We want you to treat us the way you do the Germans. For a moment, an embarrassed silence descended on the room. It sounds strange, they said: Who would have believed at the end of that war that we would beg to be treated like the Germans.

 You can read the full article here

The comments section is pretty depressing. 

Thanks to Lukasz for sending this in. 


  1. Rachelle Friedman is a History Teacher for the Lycee Francais de New York Bilingual School. "Some countries protected their Jews. Poland--in which 90% of the Jewish population--people who loved, worked, contributed, etc.-- was murdered did not." Does she now that Poland did not protect ethnic POles either?

  2. Jan Sliwa:


    Individual Polish thugs are: Poles / Poland / Polish nation.

    Jewish communist thugs, like Goldberg, Fleischfarb, Fejgin are just individuals with neither roots nor identity, actually Poles.

    Finally, leverage counts, not facts.


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