Monday, June 28, 2021

Bieganski and Discussion of World War II and the Holocaust

David Cole, also known as David Stein, discussed the Holocaust and WW II on twitter recently. You can see some of his posts, below. Cole aka Stein is an odd person who has a history of Holocaust denial. In any case, this is what it is like for Polish people to attempt to have a serious conversation about the Holocaust. Our interlocutors just write us off as Bieganski. University professors, powerful authors, journalists, and average Joes and Josephines all do this.

Thanks to Jerzy for sending this in. 



  1. I wouldn't dignify this lamebrain with a post on your blog.

  2. I assume the purpose of all the effort that went into putting us on the "unter" page was to silence us, or to be able to sneer anything we have to say out of court. Therefore I also assume that the truth of the Polish experiences in WW2 and after is seen as very threatening to the Official Versions of WW2.

    Its been very effective. But that is "the world" for you.

    Does this person have a facebook page do you know? (I don't Twitter or Tweet, it sounds like such a nasty venue.)

  3. This I assume is the gentleman in question:


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