Thursday, December 26, 2019

Anti-Semitic Pig, Scum: Putin to Poland; Soviet Anti-Polish Propaganda Redux

Vladimir Putin, who played, and continues to play, a dire role in American politics, via his propagandizing for Donald Trump, is reviving Soviet-era anti-Polish propaganda, specifically, that Poles are anti-Semitic pigs who collaborated with the Nazis. 

Of course it was the Poles who were the first to fight the Nazis, and it was the Soviets who collaborated with the Nazis. Nazi Germany and Communist Russia invaded Poland in September, 1939, as agreed to in the Molotov-Ribbentrop pact.

Soviet Russia mass murdered Poles, see, for example, Katyn. Soviet Russia rounded Poles up and  put them on boxcars and sent them to concentration camps in Siberia. Soviet Russia ethnically cleansed historically Polish lands and  to this day the territory Soviet Russia ethnically cleansed is no longer Polish. 

After the war, Soviet Russia called Polish heroes who fought against the Nazis "spit-flecked dwarves" put these heroes, men like Witold Pilecki and General Nil on trial, tortured them, killed them, buried them in unmarked graves, and erased their history. 

You can read more about Putin's statements here and here

For more on this see Bieganski the Brute Polak Stereotype


  1. How will Polish-American Trump supporters react to President Putin's pronouncements, knowing that President Trump seems to be quite a fan of President Putin?

    1. You are asking for logic from Trump supporters?

      BTW I apologize for not getting your samples up. As you can see from my other posts I have a lot going on.

    2. Please don't worry about it. People should get an idea from the excerpts available on the Amazon page. And am I right in thinking you lost your job? Very sorry to hear that. I hope things work out and that you have a better 2020. Belated Happy Christmas to you and your followers.

  2. It was Obama that killed the military base in Poland - on September 17th, no less. A date all Poles the world over know so well.

    It is Trump who is supporting President Duda in the goal of building a Polish military base to protect against Putin. How does this equate with being a fan?

    1. Has anyone ever seen or heard President Trump say anything negative about President Putin? To me, it looks like Trump is a great admirer of Putin.

  3. David Harris, AJC, criticizes Putin.

  4. Russia is, to the chagrin of normal Russian people, basically a 2.5 world country that, to the chagrin of the world, possesses nuclear bombs.Otherwise we could be just ignoring it.


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