Thursday, November 8, 2018

Jan Peczkis on Polish TV

Jan Peczkis has written to inform me that he has made an appearance on Polish TV. You can view Jan's appearance at this link


  1. Thank you, Dr. Goska.

    I appreciate you airing different viewpoints on your blog, including ones which you may disagree with.

    That is why I have stayed with your blog all these years.

  2. Jan I'm a big believer in dialogue. I know that someday you will come around to my point of view.

  3. I viewed Jan’s video and, although I don’t speak Polish, I saw a committed and knowledgeable reviewer of the literature. Having read many of Jan’s highly informative and detailed reviews before Amazon mysteriously removed them, I’m betting the quality of his discussion on the video equaled that of his reviews on Amazon. I also wanted to thank Jan for including the link to his many reviews that are now on Goodreads.

  4. Jan is one of the many valiant worker at the Polish Media issues coalface - and I too would like to say thanks.

    And Jan, Joanna Pietruszewski is trying to contact you about some books you reviewed.

  5. Thanks.

    What is Joanna Pietruszewski's contact information?

    Or, if she prefers to maintain her privacy, please tell her that she can sign up on GoodReads and contact me at my Profile there.

    1. Thanks Jan I have forwarded the goodreads contact to her. She is on fb but beyond that i dont have any contact info


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