Sunday, November 11, 2018

Communist Propaganda about Poland and Polish Catholicism Being Disseminated by "Catholics" on Facebook

So depressing. Mark Shea, a Catholic Facebook friend, a published author with thousands of followers, shared the below-linked Communist propaganda piece about Poland and Catholicism. His followers went on and shared the article again. 

Hating and defaming Polaks will never disappear, and the haters and the defamers are often Catholic or members of other Christian denominations themselves. 

Why do our fellow Christians resort to the Bieganski, Brute Polak stereotype

Here's why. Christians have done bad things to Jews. 

The Christians who indulge in the brute Polak stereotype say, "Look at these horrible Polaks! Primitive! Hateful! Unevolved! They are the ones who do bad things to Jews, not modern, evolved Christians like me!" When they say this, they get to earn points with their liberal, progressive audience. They cleanse themselves of any association with any anti-Semitism. 

We, the Polaks, are the *bad* Christians. They, those who repeat Communist propaganda about Polish primitives, are the *good* Christians. 

As I have said many times in the comments section of this blog, it is totally, factually wrong to blame the brute Polak stereotype on Jews. Mark Shea and his Catholic followers are not Jewish. And they are eagerly disseminating the brute Polak stereotype. 

The article in question is here I think you can see the article on Facebook here

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  1. This is the KATOLEWICA. Nothing new. These so-termed "progressive Catholics" used to cozy up with the Communists, and now they cozy up to the neo-Marxists.


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