Tuesday, August 14, 2018

Jeremy Corbyn's Anti-Semitism Should Be More Shocking Than It Is

My book "Bieganski: The  Brute Polak Stereotype" talks a lot about the Escherian maze that is Political Correctness. 

Hate is not hate. Hate is hate only if powers-that-by define it so. 

Case in point. The above photo is of powerful British politician Jeremy Corbyn laying a wreath to commemorate the terrorists who murdered Israeli athletes at the 1972 Munich Olympics. 

Confronted with this photo, Corbyn engaged in some mealy mouthed nonsense about how killing has to stop

A Guardian article addressing antisemitism among British Labour Party politicians offers some hint of how widespread and socially acceptable hatred of Jews is in the UK. You can read that article here

British antisemitism is scary and disgusting. British literature produced stock antisemitic images. Blood libel from Chaucer. Shylock from Shakespeare. Fagin from Dickens. 

And at the same time, the UK arrested and tortured Tommy Robinson, who says things that the powers that be don't like about a religion that the powers that be do like. 

If only the Brits had a mirror. They really need to take a good long look at themselves. 

And what has any of this to do with Poles? You tell me how the world would react if a Polish politician showed up at a wreath laying ceremony for terrorist murderers. 


  1. As the head of a major political party and possible candidate for Prime Minister, it will be interesting to see how Labour Party leadership and the British public respond to Corbyn’s deceptions.

    As Danusha correctly points out, if a Polish political figure, prominent or otherwise, were to act as Corbyn did, the backlash from Jewish, American, and European Bieganski adherents would be deafening.

    1. I think the UK is just assessed as too economically important.

  2. I really hope Colbyn will win big time. I don't like him I dislike Labour. Especially for their pandering to Muslims and their extremism #NotAll
    I've been to the UK several years ago and the hatred I experienced as a Pole from Jews will stay will with me until the day I die. These Jews also told me they prefer Labour. They should get what they wish for.

    1. I wasn't going to say anything, but now I will.

      Hanna is spot on.

      Only I am not concerned with Jewish hatred directed against myself for saying things that Jews don't want to hear.

      I am only concerned about Jewish hatred directed against Poland, which has been quite abundant recently.

    2. Jews are not the problem.

      Jews are not the problem.

      Jews are not the problem.

  3. Brave post, Danusha.

    Thanks for posting it.

    God help the UK if this mediocrity wins. You and I have been discussing the "grooming" gangs. One wonders what he's ever done about *that*. It's much easier, I guess, to point the finger at Israel (or at the Joooooos) than it is to confront his own country's many, many problems.

    1. Hello Liron,

      The way things are going British Jews should start looking for some other country to live in. Seems that God has already left the UK.

  4. To Hanna, Jan Peczkis, and anyone else who wants to scapegoat Jews.

    In recent days, I've been discussing the Catholic Church sex abuse crisis on Facebook. I've been set upon by people who insult me and hate the church and misrepresent the facts. These people have all exploited the suffering of innocent children to make the Catholic Church out to be a thoroughly evil institution.

    Every one of these monstrous cretins has been an American of Polish and Catholic descent.

    I could name them all here, but to what purpose.

    Polish Catholic Americans attacking each other, using filthy language, behaving like public drunks, and mongering hatred against the Catholic Church.

    And Hanna and Jan think Jews are the problem.


    1. PS: One of the Polish Americans behaving as described above is relatively famous and influential. And he's using his fame and power to bash the Catholic Church and to talk up his own politics, which are decidedly leftist.

  5. Pardon me, but aren't we starting to get a bit personal here?

    And, considering the mountains of vile falsehoods that have been written about Poland in the Press, especially in recent months, largely (though not entirely) by Jews, isn't it a bit ironic to speak of Jews as the scapegoat?

    Finally, considering the fact that this blogspot is supposed to be about Jews and anti-Semitism, what purpose does bringing up the latest anti-Catholic attacks have, other than serving as a deflection.

  6. Hello,

    Today is the European Day of Remembrance for Victims of Totalitarian Regimes. On August 23 1939 the Ribbentrop-Molotov Pact was signed.
    This pact was concluded between Nazi Germany and the Soviet Union, with a secret protocol which launched the WWII and established a framework for the collaboration of twin totalitarian regimes: Nazi and Communist.


    1. Thanks for this.

      Unfortunately, there is a strong push in academia to (let's put this diplomatically) discourage any comparison of Soviet Communist and Nazi German crimes. See:


    2. Hello Mr. Peczkis. I came across your book reviews of some(what seems to be excellent)books on the history of Christianity's relationship with the Jewish people throughout. I'll admit, I've got an huge interest in history,including the history of Christianity and it's quite fascinating and sometimes extremely turbulent relationship with the Jewish people throughout its history.

    3. Thanks for your interest.

      A month ago, Amazon suddenly took down my 2,612 reviews without explanation or due process of any kind. [Amazon has been purging many reviewers, in the last few years, under various pretexts.]

      I am reposting my most important reviews on Good Reads, and they can all be seen from this link:


    4. Jan Amazon removed all of your reviews??? !!!

    5. Yes, you read it right. I find it hard to believe myself, but that is exactly what happened.

      I am involved in some initiatives, but am not at liberty to discuss them.

      BTW, one of the reviews I reposted on Good Reads is of your BIEGANSKI.

    6. Genuinely shocked and horrified. I don't agree with you on many matters, but I can't imagine doing what Amazon did.

    7. Hey Mr.Peczkis, I just sent you an friend request on Goodreads.

    8. Jan, have you alerted Polonia about this?

      And -- did you receive any kind of warning? Did you defy any rule they told you not to defy?

      May I mention this on Facebook?

    9. Yes, Polonia has definitely been informed.

      No warning. Just the disappearance of my reviews, along with a form-message saying that my reviews "Were found outside of Amazon guidelines, and removed."

      An appeal to Amazon triggered another form letter--this time implying that I had some kind of financial stake in my reviews (which is absurd.)

      Yes, please mention it on Facebook, and anywhere else you choose.


  7. Amazon, Facebook, Twitter, Google and others are under tremendous pressure from groups like Soros/SPLC together with Oil State money to censor speech. They are private companies and they can do whatever you want. The same has been true of MasterCard, Visa and others that are being forced not process payments to conservative, libertarian and similar groups. All these targeted people should sue the SPLC and other left wing organizations for tortious interference with contract. That's for starters. Alex Jones may have been an idiotic troll but what was done to him can happen to anyone - including this blog. You can go after the server providers, hosting services, etc. There is after all no tolerance for intolerance.

  8. Jan, I went to your Listmania URL and got their “Sorry, we can’t find that page” window. I’m absolutely stunned. I hope it’s possible to find out why your reviews aren’t appearing. Until then, I’m not buying anything from or through Amazon. I hope your efforts are fruitful. Please let us, your forum colleagues, know your progress.

  9. Hello again,

    Some news from Poland.

    Today the 15th Festival of Jewish Culture in Warsaw – "Singer's Warsaw" has started. Link below.

    Two days ago the 3rd Festival of David's Psalms - "Honoring the Righteous" has ended. This year's festival was dedicated to Ulma family.


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