Wednesday, August 1, 2018

Bieganski in "Survivors of the Holocaust" by Zane Whittingham and Ryan Jones

Andzrej Jaskula posted these images on Facebook. Link here


  1. The comic book complains that Poland, in 1938 at Zbaszyn, did not want to take in the Jews that Nazi Germany was dumping on Poland. What the comic book does not mention is the fact that most of these Jews had abandoned Poland 20 or more years earlier, and had no ties to Poland.

  2. Jan, thanks for the clarification. I remember reading about Zbąszyń quite some time ago but had forgotten the particulars.

    Having Googled “Zbąszyń 1938”, I found that the Yivo Encyclopedia website provided what I thought was an even-handed account. For those who may be interested, here are some introductory excerpts:

    “From November 1938 to August 1939 Zbąszyń housed a transit camp for Jews expelled from Germany during the so-called Polenaktion (27–29 October 1938).”

    “The Polenaktion was a continuation of expropriating and expelling Jews from Germany after 1933. It was in direct response to the Polish citizenship law of 31 March 1938, legislation that threatened to revoke the passports of Polish citizens living abroad, and the subsequent decree of 6 October requiring passports to be revalidated by the end of that month. The Polish government adopted these laws largely out of fear that some 60,000–100,000 Polish Jews then living in Germany would seek to return to Poland to escape Nazi persecution, adding to already heavy pressures on the Polish economy and society.”

    “Among the exiles in Zbąszyń was the Grynszpan family, whose son Herszel was living in France. In revenge for the treatment of his relatives, Herszel shot a German diplomat in Paris. The Nazi government used his act as a pretext for the Kristallnacht pogrom.”

    The article on the Yivo Encyclopedia website provides more information. Other Google searches also provide some details.

  3. The book is based on a BBC animated series shown in many countries.

  4. Indeed. Its more or less the Germans are trying AGAIN, btw. They have lots and lots of, ehm, beautiful people from Chechnia and thus a huge organized crime/islamism/violence against women problem on their hand. These people came through Poland and "fled" toward greener (social benefitwise) pastures.Germans ignored that and let them stay. Now they would LOVE to make a "Polenaktion 2.0"-catch them and dump them into Poland. Germany is critizising us for not handing out Polish citizenship to them. Ok, they would not stay anyway but go to Germany. Still this is the reason why Poland will be FORCED (thanks a lot again, Germany!) to secure its borders and not to allow people to cross the border. Otherwise Germans will be able, in the future, to select valueable people and "Polenaktion 2.0" the rest to us.


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