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Bieganski Lives in the Muslim Migrant Crisis; Konstanty Gebert Adds Fuel to Bieganski Fire

From Konstanty Gebert's NYT op-ed; link below
Bieganski the Brute Polak Stereotype exposes a centuries-old stereotype of Poles and other Eastern European, Christian, peasant-descent populations as racist thugs. That stereotype is being exploited today by world leaders like Angela Merkel in the Muslim migrant crisis. It was also recently exploited by Konstanty Gebert in the op-ed pages of the New York Times.

Gebert published "Poland Shouldn't Shut Out Refugees," on September 9, 2015. Gebert's harangue was accompanied by the above shaming illustration, whose message is clear: You racist bastard Poles, you are such unthinking bigots that you have chosen not to take in this suffering mother and child just because they are not Christian. Yeah! Just like when you murdered all those Jews during World War II!

Here's how Gebert hammers home what murderous bigots Poles are, "The Internet has erupted with hatred: The prosecutor general has ordered an investigation of anonymous posts recommending that Poland reopen Auschwitz and send refugees there."

"Poland reopen Auschwitz." Consider those three words.

Did Poland ever "open" Auschwitz? No, it did not. Auschwitz was a project of Nazi Germany. Poles were its first prisoners and victims.

How many Poles want to send Muslims to Auschwitz? In fact, does one single Pole sincerely want to send Muslims to Auschwitz? The internet is full of hyperbole. I've gotten emails from people who say they want to send me to Auschwitz. And yet I walk around free. Is this just bluster from some teenage troll? Gebert doesn't have to pause to consider to that question. He has already sewn such explosive seeds of hate that conscious thought is violently and sickeningly pre-empted.

Gebert never addresses that the UN reports that 75% of the migrants are not women or children at all, but able-bodied, military aged men. See here.

Gebert never mentions that Christians have been gauged out of Iraqi and Syrian villages where they had previously maintained a cultural presence for two thousand years. Gebert never addresses that ISIS has promised to use this mass migration to spread jihad terror. Gebert never addresses that Christians are being methodically slaughtered, crucified, raped, and turned into sex slaves in the very regions producing the migration. Gebert never mentions the many reports of the Muslim migrants he wants admitted to Poland committing atrocities against Christians while they are en route to Europe, or once they arrive in Europe.

"Muslim Migrants Throw Christians Overboard" is a rather sobering CNN headline here.

"Abuse, Exclusion, and Physical Attacks for Christian Syrian Refugee in Germany" read it here.

Gebert doesn't evince any concern that Western Europe has become so threatening to Jews that many Jews are leaving countries like France and England because they can't walk down the street without being harassed and even subjected to violence. "Is It Time for the Jews to Leave Europe?" Atlantic magazine asked in April, 2015, reporting that "new threats from radicalized Islamists have created a crisis, confronting Jews with an agonizing choice." Here.

Poland is now, as it had been for centuries before the 1939 invasion by Nazi Germany and the Soviet Union, the safest country for Jews in Europe. "Poland is the Safest Place in Europe for Jews Today," reported the Jewish Journal on September 23, 2014, here. If Poland's demography changes as Gebert demands that it must, Jews' safety will also change. Why would anyone risk eliminating Europe's one safe place for Jews?

How far Gebert strays from any facts is epitomized in this outlandish phrase, "Poland, thriving on European funds and sheltered by Europe’s geography…"

Really? Really? Poland is "thriving on European funds"? Not on Poles' hard work as the West's notorious, and often vilified, blue collar laborers, including plumbers? See the Wikipedia article dedicated to Polish plumbers, the labors they performed and the "threat" their hard work posed to Western Europe's cossetted workforce here.

Poland is "sheltered by Europe's geography"??? Poland is, largely, a geographic plain surrounded by hostile neighbors. Germany, Russia, Sweden and Turkey have exploited Poland's geography for invasions for centuries.

I guess when your name is Konstanty Gebert and you are writing an anti-Polish, anti-Christian op-ed for the New York Times, an op-ed that shows zero consideration for the physical safety of your fellow Jews in Europe, you can spout any counterfactual nonsense you want.

You can read Gebert's op-ed here.

Blog reader Liron Rubin wrote in to alert us to a recent article in Spiked magazine. Spiked takes the press, and the West, to task for "Using Migrants to Bash Eastern Europe."

Spiked's article begins:

The migrant crisis has seemingly divided Europe along moral lines. On the right side, the side of compassion, of progressiveness, you have the states of Western Europe. They’re the good guys, the guys standing at the head of the European Union, drawing up migrant quotas for EU member states, allocating people here, distributing people there, protecting people, saving people. They really care – really care about the hundreds of thousands of people fleeing the sites of various Western interventions, from Iraq to Libya to Syria. So much so, in fact, that the EU’s leading power, Germany, with chancellor Angela Merkel to the fore, and the European Commission are talking about a further centralisation of EU member states’ border-control powers and the creation of a ‘permanent mechanism’ to ensure the speedy and compulsory distribution of migrants throughout Europe…

But on the dark side, the side of regress, the side of iron crosses and vestigial fascism, you have Eastern Europe. Hungary, Poland, Slovakia… These are the bad guys, the nations with demogogues in power and populations ill at ease with massive influxes of non-European peopletheir people have staged anti-migrant protests…While Merkel was busy welcoming migrants into Germany, the old Eastern Bloc-kers have fortified their borders, erecting razor-wire fences, and stationing riot police at key crossing points.

…You only have to listen to Merkel to hear the moral self-aggrandisement at work. It is as if the migrant crisis is a chance to demonstrate the virtue of the EU, a golden PR opportunity to conjure up the EU elite’s moral authority. ‘Europe must show it is a continent of values, a continent of solidarity’, she said recently. European Council chief Donald Tusk echoed Merkel when he warned against ‘populism and xenophobia’ in Europe’s midst, and then declared: ‘Our political aim should be to strengthen Europe against right-wing extremists

More sinister still has been the suggestion that Eastern Europe’s migrant problem, its refusal to let them all in, has its roots in its unconfronted past – the past of pogroms, of persecution, and, more pointedly, a barely suppressed fascism. Never reckoned with, this past is now erupting all too easily into the present. Merkel herself riffed on Eastern atavism when she accused the region of failing to learn from history. Austrian chancellor Werner Faymann, speaking to Der Spiegel, was more explicitly allusive: ‘Piling refugees on trains in the hope that they go far, far away brings back memories of the darkest period of our continent.’ The Polish-born Princeton historian, Jan Gross, went even further in an article for Die Welt, when he asserted that eastern EU states had ‘proven to be intolerant, narrow-minded, and xenophobic’: ‘German society, which has become conscious of its historical crimes, has learned through them how to approach moral and political challenges like the current influx of refugees. Eastern Europe, on the other hand, has yet to come to terms with its murderous past.’

It’s a striking vision of a Europe divided between the drivers of progress in the West, and the prisoners of the past in the East. In this story of the migrant crisis, Hungary, the Czech Republic, and assorted Balkan states appear to be in desperate need of the West’s 21st-century moral instruction…"

You can read Spiked's article in full here
 And if you haven't already, please have a look at my FrontPage magazine article, "Western European vs. Eastern European Responses to Mass, Unvetted, Muslim Immigration Compassion vs. Intolerance? Don't Believe the Propaganda" here
Konstanty Gebert, evidently not thinking deep thoughts. Source
Hey, Konstanty Gebert, perhaps you have heard that Europe is less safe for Jews? 
Hey, Konstanty Gebert, perhaps you have not seen this photo of ISIS persecution? CNN published it. 


  1. I read Gebert's article a few weeks ago and was left baffled. Surely Gebert knows that after arriving and recovering that many joined Ander's army. Just because they were refugees did not mean that they could stop fighting. Taking thousands of able bodied men and not organizing them into a fighting force to deal with ISIS and Assad seems ridiculous.

    Spiked also wrote something similar about the Euro 2012 issue

    Chris Helinsky

  2. The agenda behind all this is clear: To weaken Poland's Catholic culture.

    One way this is being done is by the constant attacks on the Catholic Church.

    Another way that this is being attempted is to flood Poland with non-Christians. The more of them, the better.

    1. Yes, I too see this as a political attack Jan. Not being a Catholic, I take no sides in the matter of Catholic culture. And wonder why Mr.Gebert does, and why he feels entitled to.

      But I do note the venue, and that his opinions are mainstream and so tell us where the PC is - at the moment. And I can only continue to hope and pray that we won't be goaded into taking any sides, but will think seriously about the Godly advice to be "no part" of the world. It certainly is not hiding its true self from us!

  3. I like the way you phrased your question:

    "And wonder why Mr.Gebert does, and why he feels entitled to."

    That is the standard mentality of the Holocaust establishment. They think that they are morally superior to Poles, and therefore feel entitled to moralize about Polish conduct, and to talk down to Poles.

    1. Jan I'm offended by your comment, and I don't think it's helpful.

      You refer to Gebert as a member of the "Holocaust establishment." This term is offensive.

      You refer to Gebert as if he is something other than a Pole. He is a Pole. He was born in Warsaw. He has lived his life in Poland. He lives in Poland now. He was a member of Solidarity.

      You perhaps refer to him as something other than Polish because he is Jewish. That's not accurate. Jews can be Polish just as much as Catholics, and Konstanty Gebert is certainly Polish.

  4. Being born in Poland, and living in Poland, does not necessarily make one a Pole. Being in Poland, and being OF Poland, are two different things.

    The Solidarity movement had brought many disparate elements of people together--people who had nothing in common except opposition to the then-current Communist policies. The left-wing of the Solidarity movement, notably Michnik and Gebert, had no problem, in principle, with the anti-Christian aspects of Communism, only with its totalitarianism.

    I think that we need to finally call a spade a spade. Gebert, and others of his circle, are acting with open enmity to Polish interests. Whether they are "Poles" in some sense, or not, can be debated, insofar as.they are supporting a Pole-attack position.

    You brought up Gebert's Jewishness, not I. In fact, I prefer too use the term "Holocaust establishment" instead of "Jew" precisely because not all Jews promote the standard narrative on the specialness of the Holocaust and the Poles' "fault" in it, and precisely because some Jews had been ardent Polish patriots.

    Gebert, unfortunately, is not one of them.

    Finally, I think our sense of being offended should be directed were it belongs--against those who defame Poland.

  5. A blog reader sent the link for this blog to Konstanty Gebert via email and invited him to comment.

    Mr. Gebert declined to comment.

    1. I hope he has read the blog though.

    2. He did, Sue. He said it was a "hatchet job."

    3. I can't say that I am surprised. Gebert is one of a number of people on the Left who do not like addressing their critics.

      Chris Helinsky

    4. So Gebert is now complaining about hatchet jobs. Look who's talking!

    5. A hatchet job... well, it really is beyond satire!! Glad he read it though. The fact is that you never know. It might have made him think - even if he doesn't want to acknowledge that.


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