Thursday, May 29, 2014

MSNBC Talking Head Toure Tweet: Holocaust Survivors Benefit from White Privilege. Viktor Frankl.

Victor Frankl
Holocaust survivor
Author of "Man's Search for Meaning"
The previous post addressed the intellectual and ethical roots of and justifications for Nazism. That blog post received much pushback. No, a minority of readers insisted. Catholicism is Nazism, or, maybe, all Christianity is Nazism. Such 1984-style Big Lies are all too prominent.

MSNBC gives us this Big Lie: Holocaust survivors who managed to create a life for themselves after World War Two did so because they benefited from white privilege.

Those Holocaust survivors who managed to make a life for themselves did so because of several factors. Those factors include the admirable unity, generosity and support of their fellow Jews and many Christians living in the US.

They were able to do so because they exhibited the gumption necessary to start from scratch after losing everything. Hard work. Self-sacrifice. Humility. Faith and hope. Getting up and going on in spite of nightmares and memories of all that was lost. It takes an awesome amount of soul and guts to do that, and they did it. These survivors exhibited quiet heroism and anyone who can't see that is lost.

Above is a photo of Viktor Frankl, author of "Man's Search for Meaning," one of the most profound books ever written. Frankl was a Holocaust survivor. He is also a great and international hero. Toure could learn from Frankl. 

White privilege had nothing to do with Holocaust survivors' ability to make a life for themselves. A deeply admirable humanity had everything to do with it. Lies like Toure's blind those who believe them. They lose the great gift these survivors offer -- their example of how to go on when all is lost. 

Talk of white privilege when it comes to Holocaust survivors is obscene.

Some of the very same Politically Correct voices who rush to rewrite history to mesh with their false ideology and equate Nazism with Christianity also commit another obscenity. They insist that all whites are privileged, including Holocaust survivors.

Further, this same Political Correctness that falsely equates Christianity with Nazism also equates Zionism with Nazism. When it comes to WW II, hate Christians. When it comes to the survival of Israel, hate Jews. Always hate somebody, and always rewrite history to meet ideological ends. Truth is that which serves the Party.

The Big Lie never dies. Decent people must resist it.

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  1. Victor Frankl was a psychiatrist before the war and was able to return to his profession. I think those survivors who were educated had an easier time in recovering economically, especially if they were able to return to their professions. Emotional recovery is a different issue and here is where the support of others can play a major role.
    Similarly, survivors of more recent genocides have had a easier time of getting the world's attention and had more options if they were educated and articulate.
    Also, support of others makes a tremendous difference. For example, the women of Rwanda (yes, mostly women because most of the men were killed) have done an impressive job of rebuilding a society. In this respect, they are like the survivors of WWII. The support of others allowed the survivors to work toward healing themselves and their society.


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