Monday, May 19, 2014

Major New ADL Study on Anti-Semitism; How Do Rates in Poland Compare to Other Countries?

Please note that this chart is from a previous study
The Anti-Defamation League recently released results of a massive survey. The sad news is that anti-Semitism is widespread. Neil J. Kressel, whose book "Sons of Pigs and Apes" I recently reviewed on this blog (here) wrote in the New York Post that much more attention should be paid to the ADL study than is currently being paid. "No Ignoring a Billion Anti-Semites" appeared in the New York Post on May 15, 2014.

Here is an excerpt from Dr. Kressel's New York Post article:


There are 1.09 billion anti-Semites in the world today. That’s right: more than a billion — about 135 for every Jew.

These are bigots who believe Jews are greedy, unethical manipulators who control the world and cause everything bad: 9/11. Financial crises. Communism. Dyspepsia. Name it.

It’s a stunning, hard-to-believe figure. But it comes from one of the most credible, comprehensive studies on the subject ever. And in an honest, sane, fair world, it would be a clarion call for immediate, steadfast action.

The study, released Tuesday by the Anti-Defamation League, included 53,100 respondents. Interviews were conducted in 96 languages in more than 100 countries. How did the researchers decide who is an anti-Semite?...

Americans (along with Australians, British and a few others) typically score among the most tolerant in the world. Indeed, many Americans have very positive attitudes toward Jews…

Disproportionately, anti-Semites hail from (no surprise) the Middle East and North Africa, where nearly three out of four endorse a whole slew of anti-Jewish beliefs. Some 92 percent of Iraqis, for example, qualified as anti-Semites, as did 69 percent of Turks.

Still, 880 million anti-Semites do not live in the Middle East or North Africa. The disease is global: Among Poles: at least 45 percent qualify as anti-Semites. Greeks: 69 percent. Malaysians: 61 percent. Russians: 30 percent. Spaniards: 29 percent. Germans: 27 percent. (They say the Germans will never forgive the Jews for the Holocaust.)… Among those worldwide who have heard of the Holocaust, (54 percent), about one in three believes it is either a myth or has been greatly exaggerated.

In the Middle East and North Africa, that figure is nearly two in three. And the problem is getting worse. Young people are less likely to know about the Holocaust and less likely to accept what historians say about it.


New York Magazine published an article, "The ADL's Flawed Anti-Semitism Survey," that is critical of the study. You can read that here.

You can read Dr. Kressel's full article here.

You can access the ADL study here.


  1. When will a Polish group commission a study on anti-Polonism? Based on some of these comments here, I am guessing there are close to 8 Billion Anti-Polonists the world over - I wonder how we would come out in Laos.

  2. Let us follow up Dar's suggestion. I have read the ADL study, and the other linked items, and here is my counter-quiz:

    Agreement with more than one item below means that one is probably a Polonophobe or Christophobe:

    1. Poland is best remembered as a vast graveyard for Jews.

    2. The Nazis build the death camps in Poland because of Polish attitudes towards Jews.

    3. The fact that many Poles yearned for a Jewish-reduced Poland makes them complicit in the Holocaust.

    4. The fact that the Nazis did not target Poles for complete annihilation means that the genocide of Poles is less worthy of attention or moral urgency than the Nazi genocide of the Jews.

    5. Poles who took Jewish and post-Jewish properties were animated by greed and anti-Semitism.

    6. Only 5% of Poland's Jews survived the German occupation because of Polish hostility and indifference to Jews.

    7. Were it not for centuries of Christian teachings about Jews and the crucifixion of Jesus Christ, the Holocaust could not have happened.

  3. These are attitudes of a certain segment of the Jewish community. I do not think those attitudes are particularly relevant today. What is a far greater danger to Polishness is the progressive Left mix of Western degenerates, Eurocrats, Extreme Rightwingers and the criminal political class that Poland was bequeathed with.


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