Saturday, February 18, 2012

Holland: Anti-Polish & Anti-Bohunk Immigrant Website


A Dutch political party has launched a website opposing Polish and other Bohunk immigration. Below please find Google's translation of the text on this website:


Since May 1, 2007 there is free movement of workers between the Netherlands and eight countries in Central and Eastern Europe (CEE) countries. At present the estimates to the number of people from these countries, which resides in the Netherlands, apart from 200,000 to 350,000 people. As one of the few parties, the Freedom Party from the beginning against the opening of the labor market to Poland and other CEE nationals. Given all the problems associated with the massive arrival of especially Poland, is that attitude materialized. Recently, the PVV whatsoever against further opening of the labor market for Romanians and Bulgarians voted.

This massive labor migration leads to many problems, nuisance, pollution, displacement and integration in the labor and housing problems. For many people, these things a serious problem. Complaints are often not reported, because the idea that nothing is done.

Do you have trouble of CEE nationals? Or have you lost your job on a Pole, Bulgarian, Romanian or other Central or Eastern European? We would like to hear. The Freedom Party has a platform on this website to your symptoms to report. These complaints, we will identify and offer the results to the Minister of Social Affairs and Employment.

Submit your story here"

The website is here.

Many thanks to Otto for this story. Otto's previous posts can be found here and here.


  1. The other night I was watching the Euronews station and this came on. I then surfed to see what the site and the problem it was trying to capture were all about.

    My first reaction was “Why are Poles picked out as a problem with cross-border labor issues?”, as opposed to recording the impact of non-Netherlanders taking jobs or people from EU countries on the job market. Why Poles and not Italians, Greeks, or Spaniards, for example.

    My second thought was that if like the United States the EU is a confederation of states with a common bond, why is this a problem. Isn't it “one for all and all for one“ ?

    Comments from a previous posting correctly pointed out that there should be more action and less talk rehashing the past.

    So, here we are, someone is talking trash and if you think so too, this should be a call to action.

    Someone is proposing picking out an ethnicity to demonize as the reason for the lack of jobs for Hollanders. If you think this is stupid bigotry then speak up.

    If your interested in what the EU laws say about the cross-border workers here is the link to their site:

    Please write and complain to the EU about this discriminatory behavior. This is the link to send a web-mail.

    D, has given you the site for the website attempting the stories about Poles, etc. taking away jobs from native Netherlanders. Please let them know how you feel about this.

    If this were about race, sexual preference or religion the website would have been shutdown. The courts saw fit say the site was okay to stay up.

    If the site collected generic information in an effort to take corrective action within the EU legal process I would not have flinched. But this is different. It says “Poles have taken your jobs, tell us how your impacted.”

    Help right a stupid wrong.


  2. Otto, Danusha,
    Thanks for this post. It is unfortunately not the only case where politicians use anti- immigrant language to get votes. Immigrant are to be blamed in times of economical crisis. The same takes place in the UK, Ireland, Germany, Switzerland, Austria... Poles are often single out because they are the biggest group. And maybe because... it is "allowed" to target Poles. Who will speak up? A few who care?
    I know the Polish Embassy is working on it. Whoever can, please follow Otto's ideas. We can help!

  3. Yes, I think The Manual of Political Correctness decrees that Poles are a safe immigrant group to target. That doesn't excuse it of course. In fact, if I were the sort of person who went around running agendas against people - which is something I hope I won't ever be - then at least I wouldn't pick on the easy targets.

    There was an interesting talk at the Hall today pointing out how the theory of Evolution allows the idea of "superior" and "inferior" races. And is PC so different, with its "protected" and "unprotected" categories?

    The Inspired Scriptures tell us something very different. That we are all one family, all made in God's image, and all now fatally flawed.

    So, once again, I believe the best corrective for this is to study and apply the Inspired Scriptures - both Hebrew and Christian Greek - and to try to teach others what they say. I was out for 45 minutes trying to do so at lunchtime today. Which doesn't sound like much but I am so tired at the moment its even an effort to lie on the couch.

    And usually i can couch potato for England.

    I do try to tackle one Polish media issue a month - and there are plenty to chose from - but I seem to be fully occupied with the "Oceans of Hope and/or Political Correctness" horror at the moment.

    So many issues, not enough time.

    I am sad about this one though, having had many happy holidays in Holland with Dutch friends. Lovely people, lovely country.

  4. This kind of Slavophobe reflex has been cultivated for the last 100 years. Don't expect it to go away soon. The depth and speed of the reflex are possible BECAUSE it has been so cultivated, even before the Cold War. I think Holland has had problems with terrorist attacks from SE Asians -- recalling something about a train, and other, bombings. Do not recall movements for restricted their migrations. This is the depth of Slavophobia. Are terror attacks more preferable to being in the job market? Or is this more of the PC double standard?


  5. Regarding the reflex to Slavophobia ---

    nteresting contrast between the recent media hoopla about some media guy using the term "chink in the armor" -- this latter a term I have heard many, many times - apparently referring to the basketball style of some Chinese basketball pro. Much talk from the media shits about this being an ethnic slur. versus the silence -- no, complicity -- of the media shits in the very pointed, even published Slavophobia, of the Polish "jokes" and other ilk.

    Sort of like how niggardly is now not to be used. Slovenly is OK though.


  6. "Comments from a previous posting correctly pointed out that there should be more action and less talk rehashing the past."

    Rehashing the past is useful, particularly for persons and populations for whom such an analysis hasn't been done much, or hasn't been allowed, hasn't been cultivated, and HAS been negated, hidden, distorted, slanted, etc. by those not of those groups.

    Understanding the past helps understand the trajectory, and ultimate target, of the present -- thus the future. Everyone is interested in using the past to understand the present and particularly the future.

    If rehashing the past doesn't matter, will we soon be seeing history departments fired en masse from academia? Will historical journals go out of print? Will historical movies stop being shown? Will historical fiction or biography become extinct? Pious platitudes are no substitute for looking carefully at the real world.

    And while "Past performance is not a guarantee of future results" -- to quote the stockbrokers.

    and its hard to make predictions, especially about the future - Yogi Berra?

    Those who do not learn from the past are condemned to relive it (who said that?).

    Mark Twain noted that " The past doesn't repeat itself, but it rhymes"



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