Saturday, June 4, 2011

Bieganski: Alternate Covers

Ivan Grave did a brilliant job with "Bieganski"'s cover. The cover captures both Shylock and Bieganski, the Brute Polak. The font is perfect. Above, an early version of the cover, with the proportions different from the final draft.

Ivan did several alternate covers, from which I was allowed to select my favorite. Those are below. 


More of Ivan Grave's work can be seen here.
I especially like this cover:


  1. Love the images :)

    Btw, saw this and thought of you...
    Interview with Polish Foreign Minister Radoslaw Sikorski

    ..."Before coming to Israel, I reviewed statistics about anti-Semitism worldwide, and was proud to discover that the number of anti-Semitic incidents in Poland was minuscule in comparison to most western European nations and the United States. And furthermore, it has been more than half a century since a murder with an anti-Semitic context has taken place in Poland. Poland is today renewing its tradition of tolerance and we are proud of this."

    Na razie!

  2. I like cover nr 7, with the big, drawn head with a hat:

    I think the next one, nr 8, would also be interesting, though, a bit more enigmatic. I feel that the other ones with the people lining up and crowding the streets feed too much into the WWII imagery, and there is a preponderance of these covers.

    I like the font!


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