Tuesday, December 19, 2023

"But there's no Christmas in the Sejm!" falsely claim Polish antisemites

 Krzysztof Bosak is chairman of the party of antisemite and criminal Grzegorz Braun, who recently created a scandal by attacking a Hanukkah menorah in the Sejm, or Polish parliament. Bosak recently complained that there are no Christmas symbols in the Sejm. See screencap above, taken from a video of Braun's demented attack. There is plainly a Christmas tree in the Sejm, very close to the Menorah. 


  1. Thanks for pointing out the truth. It's the best way of pushing back on the antisemites out there.

  2. Not to mention that a Christian cross is constantly present in the main chamber of the Sejm (although many think it is out of place there).

  3. I doubt that antisemitism can be eradicated, but we have to keep trying.

  4. Jan Peczkis I see your post lauding the argument of Krzysztof Bosak of Braun's Party. You insist that Christmas trees have nothing to do with Christianity. That is of course nonsense. I could as easily say that candlesticks have nothing to do with religion.

    And you include a link. The last time you submitted a post that included a link, the link included false information.

    I don't want to have to check your links.

    1. Your comments bear no resemblance to what I had said. I did not say that Christmas trees have nothing to do with Christianity! I plainly said that Christmas trees are not recognized as religious symbols, and the link I sent was a serious, legal one. Menorahs, on the other hand, are religious symbols.

      So Bosak's argument still stands.

    2. Bosak’s argument is wrong. There is a cross in Sejm’s main chamber, not to mention numerous Christian ceremonies which regularly take place in the Sejm (e.g. wafer sharing in Christmas period, there is a chapel in Sejm where the masses take place etc.). Anti-Semites become hard-core French style secularists only on this one day when Chanukah candles (not the menorah btw) are lit.

    3. It seems a forced pedantic rationalization to defend a sick mind. One's religious and the other is only celebratory? It's not a legal contract it's about common decency and respect for others. Who's it hurting? No one.

  5. According to the wiki page about the Sejm complex:

    “The patron of the Sejm Chapel is the Virgin Mary. The chapel is located at level -1 of the New House for Members of the Sejm. It was ordained on May 1, 1993, by Cardinal J√≥zef Glemp. The altar and statues illustrating the Stations of the Cross, were done so by Jan Tutaj, funded by contributions from Sejm members, consecrated in June 2007 by Cardinal Kazimierz Nycz. The original chair of Pope John Paul II, used during the Holy Father's visit to the Sejm in 1999, is a very valuable element of the chapel. Mass is celebrated every day, from Monday to Friday, at 07:30, in the Sejm Chapel.”

    1. Thank you very much Ms. Rubin for introducing facts that refute the lies people have tried to post on my blog. These lies are being disseminated in the wider internet.

      They claim that there is no Christmas in the Sejm -- the Christmas tree was right next to the menorah.

      They claim that there is no Christianity in the Sejm -- the cross and chapel are right there.

      And after they claim these things they insist that this is proof that Poles are powerless paralyzed little babies who can't do anything for themselves, and they claim that Jews are all powerful and all malignant.

      These lies are deadly.

      thank you for posting the truth.


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