Friday, June 2, 2023

Poland will be wealthier than Britain by 2030 – it’s time we took notice: The Telegraph


"After the fall of the Iron Curtain, the Poles were the first former Soviet country to restore democracy, free markets and the rule of law. Yet they still had a mountain to climb. In 1989, Polish workers had a GDP per capita that was just a tenth of their German counterparts.

Three decades of steady growth has wrought a miracle. The economic disparities have narrowed dramatically. Adjusted for purchasing parity, GDP per head in Poland is now £28,200 compared with £35,000 in the UK, £34,200 in France and £39,800 in Germany. At its current trajectory rate, Poland will overtake the UK by 2030.

Since the millennium, Poland’s real GDP per capita has more than doubled; by contrast, GDP per capita in Britain, France and Germany grew between 15pc and 24pc over the same period.

The truth is that living standards in places like Warsaw or Wrocław are already comparable to those in Berlin, Paris and London.

Indeed, the quality of life for young families is undoubtedly higher."

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  1. A US historian:
    "I think scholars of modern Europe have got this story completely covered on our own without the unwanted intervention of Polish ultra-nationalists and their cynical, lying project of self-serving historical revisionism." Disgusting ignorance.

  2. Normally, the western press does not have much positive, let alone superlative, to say about Poland. I wonder why this time. Could it be in order to create a perception that Poland is wealthy, done in order to intensify Holocaust-related "property restitution" claims?

    1. Well it would explain all the revisionism, moving Poland to the Axis Side, making it responsible for the crimes of its Nazi occupiers, if Poland now has some money worthy having.

      The Inspired Scriptures do warn us that "the love of money is a root of all sorts of injurious things". Not money itself, which in the current system of things on the earth we do need, but the love of it.

      So here is yet another wonderful thing about the coming rule of the Kingdom of God. Why would we have money then? What would we need it for? Under the loving rule of the heavenly government the earth will happily support all is inhabitants, human and animal.

      And all the injurious things that the love of money has caused will be gone for good - along with everything that now causes us pain and suffering.


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