Sunday, May 28, 2023


 I posted on Facebook about Roger Waters' anti-Semitic comments and behavior. A Facebook friend remarked that if Waters made similar comments about Muslims as he makes about Jews Waters would be condemned. The Facebook friend said that Muslims are protected but Jews are not. 

I attempted to reply. I said that "protection" depends on context. Yes, the world allows Waters to make anti-Semitic comments. But when I, a Polish Catholic, attempted to publish a responsible book like Bieganski -- that is not at all anti-Semitic, publisher after publisher, after initially expressing interest, backed out. They were afraid, and yes they told me this in so many words, that since I am Polish and Catholic (I'm really American and not the world's greatest Catholic) the book had to be suppressed. 

In other words, it's identity Bingo. 

That's all I said. 

I clicked "post" and *instantaneously* I got a notification from Facebook warning me to take down the post.

I screen-capped the post and scribbled out my message because if saying what I said, as I said it, is going to get me censored, I would prefer it not be seen. 

BTW I was chatting with three good Facebook friends who happen to be Jewish, and two live in Israel and one has lived in Israel. 


  1. This is Artificial Intelligence.

    1. The scholarly publishers who initially expressed interest in Bieganski and then rejected it only because of identity politics are also artificial "intelligence."

  2. This whole thing has become a circus. And this circus has happened so many times before. When will the people wake up?

    1. We all need to wake up, in the spiritual sense, urgently. Isn't that why this great Kingdom preaching work is being done worldwide. Christianity is called "the way of the truth". It is the truth, in a world full of lies.


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