Thursday, August 18, 2022

The Atlantic Attacks the Rosary. A Catholic Who Prays the Rosary Daily Responds

 The Atlantic, a prominent American publication, published an attack on the rosary. I respond here


  1. An example of Polish-Jewish twitter dispute. The Jewish activist "I cant spell & write well, im discraphic. focus is MENA, CCP, Antisemitism, Ukraine ,Tolkienian & Jewish stuff תלמיד הרמב"ם In Vino Veritas In wine is truth" His text: "Many Jews were killed both by poles and Russians during the war... It did.... It did all poles hate Jews now but during war or civil unrest those that did were able to act without repercussion" Later "Did I ever say all poles hatted jews". The difference 'poles' but 'Russians'. I assume that the person is good, but causes problems.

  2. Zofia Posmysz, an Auschwitz survivor, has died. German media and politicians ignored her death and Western press speaks about the Holocaust

  3. So the rosary is now an extremist symbol. What kind of idiocy will the leftists make up next?


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