Sunday, February 27, 2022

Thousands of Israeli Jews March for Ukraine

As mentioned, there is difficult history in Eastern Europe. For complicated reasons, there have been tensions between Poles and Ukrainians and Ukrainians and Jews. 

It is a difficult fact of history that there were devastating pogroms in Ukraine. Tens of thousands of Jews were murdered under horrific circumstances. Why? Again, long complicated history. "Read a book!" as my mother used to shout at me, usually while throwing a book -- a pertinent book -- at my head. 

This is history. It is history we wish had never happened. But it did happen and we can't erase it. 

But Jews in Israel MARCHED FOR UKRAINE. 

Just as Poles, who also have a complicated history with Ukraine, are doing everything they can to help Ukraine -- humanitarian aid, military aid, love. 

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  1. The government does not march. Let the childish Poles offer their security.

  2. Jerzy, I accidentally deleted one of your comments. I'm sorry. you said something about Russia, Israel, and an insider's opinion. Please submit again.

  3. Here's the comment from Jerzy I accidentally erased. "Israel is influnced by Russian immigrants. It is an insider's opinion, not mine."

    1. The same source has criticized "Jerusalem Post" as pro-Russian. But he is not pro-Russian? BBC Bolshevik Broadcasting Corporation, Reuters.

    2. "BBC Bolshevik Broadcasting Corporation"

      Good One!

  4. Allegedly from French TV. - Why do you Ukrainians fight against the powerful Russia? It is like David and Goliath.- You have not read the Bible.

  5. Canada offers up to $10 million and accepts 4 000 refugees from Ukraine.
    Poland offers hundreds of millions and accepts 350 000 refugees. Canada is big, rich and has the biggest Ukrainian diaspora. Poland is small and poor.

  6. How to drive a Russian armoured personnel carrier.

  7. The city of Wroclaw Zoo will accept Ukrainian bears.

  8. Ukrainian guards work slowly (perhaps they should). Polish guards are much more helpful. Does the CNN explain the difference? Poland sends food to Ukrainians enqueued in Ukraine.

  9. Russian Embassy in UK twitter "We cannot ignore ghastly crimes committed by ����neo-Nazis in the past 8 years". Please remeber that the President Zelensky has Jewish roots. Russia is very Nazi.

  10. A Russian woman to a (later captured) soldier "Show no mercy (to the Ukrainians), they won't be nice to you."

  11. From twitter : A #russian rocket, as it was targeting the television tower in Kyiv, hit the territory of #BabyYar. Russian facists have killed #victims of German #Nazis for the second time.

  12. Ukraine Chief Rabbi amid airstrikes. Another plea: Never in even the most awful dream did I think I could die from bombs coming from Russia. From the place where I was born. From the place I went to school. The place where I have lots of friends...who don't say a word.

  13. Yad VAshem supports a Russian oligarh.

  14. Bone marrow transplantation for Ukrainian children in Wroclaw

  15. Patriarch Kirill is a Russian nationalist, a hater. The WCC lacks rationality

  16. US Russian studies have many ethical issues to explain:
    contacts with Russian government and FSB,
    spreading Russian propaganda, selfcensoring.
    US sovietology has never been accounted for.
    Now the Russia 'experts' have to break the sanctions
    to earn their living.
    Contemporary Russia is exactly like Nazi Germany, indoctrinated and censored.


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